The Awe-Inspiring Power of One

Updated on October 31, 2023

We are all too aware of the dire consequences of how just one person can manipulate an entire population with a dystopian agenda.  Often their pessimistic message resonates across national boundaries to infect large swathes of our planet.

But once in a great while we see another kind of person who has the magnetic power of persuasion to do the exact opposite, which is to instill an upbeat, kindhearted and joyous message.  Someone who could reach all ages, races and creeds.  A person like this will not only appreciate their following, but will treat those who work under them with a generous compensation that is truly commensurate with their contributions.

The message this person radiates is harmless optimism and its contagious nature spreads throughout the country and indeed, around the world.

This person would not just be what the public sees; rather, their unseen generosity would go deep and be genuine, but rarely publicized.

So, imagine how this one person could navigate an enormous slice of humanity toward a gentler, more inclusive mindset – not by preaching, but by simply showing how it’s done.

Who could this person be?  After watching the Eras Tour, I believe it is Taylor Swift.  Talk about inclusion without saying a word – her backup singers and dancers were a cross section of anyone with a talent to sing or dance.  There was a veritable kaleidoscope of color and sizes and ironically, none of it mattered because all of it mattered – to show us how to happily coexist in a potpourri of people.  And if you were paying attention, you would have seen something rarely shown in backup performers – pearly whites.  Everyone was smiling, seeming to be having too much fun to exhibit a pout or a scowl.

My granddaughters went to her concert and declared it to be the best day of their lives. The nearest I could relate was when I went to a Beatles concert.  But back then, we were not in such need of a gentle guide to steer us away from our baser instincts.  Ms. Swift has arrived on the scene at the exact moment when we need her.  My granddaughters told me how friendly the concertgoers were, trading bracelets and stories and posing with police officers who also traded bracelets with them, undoubtedly to give to their daughters. 

Watching her concert, I could not help but imagine how her awe-inspiring influence could propel a full-court press to encourage our young citizens to simply register to vote.  I know, what a thing to be contemplating as she sang her heart out to us for three hours.  But no one could convince them to do this better than Taylor Swift.  And it would not be a controversial ask, because she wouldn’t have to insert her political leanings so much as to urge us all to participate in protecting and strengthening our democracy.

So that’s my take on her magnificent concert.  She gave us more to think about besides her elaborate and beautiful lyrics.  

She is awesome and awe-inspiring and I am willing to admit this:  I am a 77-year-old Swiftie.