The airlines credit card sales pitch not to fall for

Updated on July 27, 2020

Setting up a business isn’t easy! It needs careful finance management. Business owners need to get cautious about the way they spend their money on making business investments. Both established and small business requites travel for business development and other purposes. Most business owners would want to save here! The airlines’ credit cards come to help.

Today, there are multiple airlines credit cards to opt-in for! To know more about this, you can check out Reserve Credit Card and many more. However, it is essential to study the sales pitches carefully before signing up. Sometimes, business owners fall for the faulty or non-lucrative sales pitches in a rush. Discussed below are a few airline rewards sales propositions you should stay aware of:  

When you are asked to spend a specific amount for the initial four months to get a particular bonus

You need to know the truth of the situation. Not all airlines reward credit card provides an introductory bonus on signing up. Generally, business owners will get anything between 30,000 and 60,000 air miles or credit points, once they’ve spent approximately $1,000 to $4,000 during the initial months. So, if you feel that a new airline credit card will pay for your Alaskan business meeting or European seminars, then you should think twice. 

Instead, it is essential to calculate the business tour budget without knowing the bonus. If the reward points don’t cover that amount, don’t get disappointed as that’s natural. So, if a sales pitch tries to convince you to think otherwise, you need to steer clear from it, as it’s misleading.

Respond today, pay 0% interest in the coming one year

The truth is that it’s effortless to lose complete track of the introductory annual percentage interest rate timeline. It happens when business owners lack correct budgeting. Have you decided to spend on about $750 on business development to a particular city?  And did you suddenly opt-in for a higher travel cost to another destination? If yes, chances are you will get confused. You will find yourself clearing your debt even once the first time gets over.

The claim that you will get chosen benefits when you book at a few selected hotels

In the majority of the situations, such properties get usually known as “luxury hotels and resorts.”  And it is more expensive than other smart alternatives. Hence, unless you have a delegate who you would prefer to have top-class accommodation, you shouldn’t be opting in for it. There’s no point in opting for lavish hotels in regular business development tours. 

There are other extra advantages

Typically, the airlines’ credit cards offer benefits that attempt to make business travel way more appealing. It encourages the business owners to spend frequently or apply for credit cards that come with a hefty annual charge as compared to airlines reward points and air miles they will ever get back from the card. Hence, you must know the benefits that you will get in real-time. If an airlines credit card has ambiguous claims on the rewards and benefits, think twice before saying yes to it.

It is a limited offer, and you must buy it right now

You need to know that the airline credit card issuers operate through innovative apps. Hence, business owners are likely to receive several notifications. And words such as “limited offers” makes business owners think that they are losing out on something crucial. Though sometimes limited offers carry the best deal, still it is essential to read between the lines. What seems like a saving might be a compelling sales pitch you fall for. Hence, assess the airlines’ credit card offers and deals before you say yes.  

Bid farewell to spending 3% whenever you swipe for business tours

When there are zero foreign transactions, business owners do save money. But that isn’t any reason to purchase a card that you can’t manage later. It is essential to have the big picture clear before you make impulsive buys. 

You get upgraded to an exciting deal when you pay a certain amount more

Finance experts usually term this as an “incremental pitch.” If you have spent $2,000 on a corporate cruise, why shouldn’t your company pay another $100 or $50 more to enjoy better seats or a balcony view? It means you have already paid for the initial bid, that itself was a challenging decision. And now you have to keep paying more and more to get more upgrades. Business owners should stay careful of such compelling pitches, which will eventually make them spend more. 

The airlines’ credit card can pay for itself

Attaining and maximizing the rewards by making use of airlines credit cards is a complex process. If you don’t use it well, you will pay more and incur debts faster.  Often business owners get airline credit card pitches that suggest partnering cards. Once you’ve spent a considerable amount for generating maximum points for the airlines’ card, you can shift the points to any other card. Also, you can blend it with the second card points for increasing the value to redeem the same. And once you get done with all this, you will have spent a hefty amount. 

It is essential that airlines credit card comes with a user manual. The finance experts, suggests that partnering credit cards at times acts as a smart way to generate points through a wide section of categories, for instance, business travels and dining, that multiplies the percentage which business owners spend to get a bonus.  When you find the reasons to cater to these aspects, the expenditure might be beyond control. 

The idea of opting in for an airline credit card that helps you to spend judiciously on your business tours is worth considering. However, you need to look at the offers and sales pitches carefully. It is always better to have an analytical mind and check whether your investments reap the benefits or not. It will help you to look beyond what the airlines’ credit card deals seem to provide and know what it can offer in reality. 


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