Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013

Vacation? Daycation? Playcation? Easy-to-use and a travel-planning favorite, Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013 helps you plan your daily travel or ultimate road trip with fun stops along the way—no Internet required. From the Grand Canyon to Grandma’s house—and everywhere in between—Streets & Trips puts the perfect trip at your fingertips, so get your copy today and hit the road. It’s only $39.95.


SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash DriveSanDisk Flash and Media Drives

SanDisk recently launched the SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive and Wireless Media Drive. The two new gadgets provide on-the-go solid-state storage/access to movies, music, photos and documents. These handheld devices are the perfect gift for anyone in the family.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Media DriveWith up to 8 hours of wireless streaming per charge, they are a great way for keeping kids amused on long road trips. They also give you the ability to stream a multimedia presentation to several users at once. Or can simply help you clear up more storage space on your phone or tablet.


nio Tag

With millions of gadget to be given this holiday season, the nio Tag is a just-introduced product that helps secure and protect these devices. As the first Bluetooth-powered security tag, you can attach the nio Tag to any device you want to keep track of (i.e., luggage, purse, laptop, etc.) or you can carry the nio Tag to keep track of an iPhone or iPad. Should you separate from the item, an alarm will ring to alert you.



It’s holiday time, and the perfect gift is…Mosaic—an iPhone app that allows you to create a physical photo book directly from your phone. Whether it’s a gift to give to parents comprised of family photos and memories, for grandparents to brag about their grandkids, or for kids to share their favorites with their friends—a Mosaic photo book is a sleek and stylish way for women to display all of their favorite iPhone pictures.

Easy steps: Choose 20 iPhone/iPad photos to print on 20 pages all for $20! A hard copy photo album will then be delivered to your doorstep in fewer than 4 days.



SimpleScan is a new and innovative mobile scanner that allows you to scan images and documents (like photos, documents, receipts, etc.) directly to popular cloud services (like Google Drive, Expensify, DropBox, Box, Evernote, etc.) in almost any file format. With SimpleScan web-services, you can simplify your life and manage all of your digitized files across popular web services from one interface.

SimpleScan includes:

SimpleScan SP (simplex) & SimpleScan DP (duplex) – portable desktop scanners that are USB powered and feature an innovative hardware design.

SimpleScan DC – a mobile document capture application for iOS and Android that turns your smart phone into a scanner

SimpleScan Connect web service – includes an intuitive scanning interface, a marketplace of cloud services, and tools for managing documents already on your computer

Starting at $159, SimpleScan mobile scanner is affordable for all gadget and tech lovers, as well as those who want to simplify their lives.


Bungee tags

It’s the week after the holidays, you’re out and about busily running errands when you suddenly realize your wallet is missing! …Don’t panic, it has a Bungee wallet card in it! Within minutes, you receive a text message saying that your wallet has been found, and is available for retrieval at the nearest coffee shop.

With a simple text message, Bungee tags ( aim to end the problem of lost valuables, forever!

Bungee allows people to anonymously tag their property and link it to their cell phone number and email address. If an item is found, the tag on the item instructs the finder to send a text message to Bungee.  Bungee immediately alerts the owner that their property has been found and then bridges an anonymous conversation between the 2 parties so that a return can be arranged. Tested throughout the country, Bungee tags have an 85% success rate.

They are also priced affordably, at $15 for one year coverage, $35 for 5 years of coverage, and $95 for a family plan that covers 5 individuals for 5 years.  Each set of tags covers 22 items, including a wallet card and keychain tag (the family plan covers 110 items).  Bungee tags can be applied and used on any anything including sunglasses, keys, wallets, laptops, cell phones, children’s toys, and more. The possibilities are endless!


Altec's Orbit Bluetooth SpeakerAltec’s Bluetooth Speakers

The Orbit (IMW355)

SRP: $59.99

Availability:  – Currently available on  

November 15 – Fry’s

Altec’s Orbit Bluetooth speaker is perfect for listening to music on the go or in your home! Available in fun, trend-setting colors, the Orbit features an on board microphone for clear, hands-free communications, a built-in rechargeable battery and up to five hours of battery life! A 3.5mm auxiliary plug gives the speaker added device compatibility. The speaker comes with a carrying pouch and a carabineer, so you can take your music with you wherever you go!

  • Bluetooth speaker with Voice Confirmation
  • On board microphone for clear, hands-free communications
  • Altec DSP Audio Enhancement technology for optimum music playback
  • Single 1.5” Neodymium Driver
  • 3.5mm Aux in for added device compatibility
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery (5 hours battery life)
  • Available in trend-setting colors
  • Rugged rubberized skin
  • Carry pouch and carabineer included

In addition, Sakar and Altec Lansing’s new Bluetooth Speaker “The Jacket” offers eye candy for audiophiles. The iMW455 allows listeners to customize the device with a range of colorful skins that allows users to have the speakers blend in with any decor or stand out. This speaker pairs quickly and remembers up to 8 separate devices.

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