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Technology is rapidly changing as the years go by. There are various developments in the tech world because people are becoming creative daily. There is a gap between the old and the new generation regarding using the 21st-century technological appliance and tools. Many senior citizens have experienced the radical change in technological advances. Some senior citizens have learned how to surf the internet, while others use emails to communicate with their friends and relatives. If you want to get personal help with some tips you can do it with term paper easy

If you belong to a small percentage of senior citizens who have learned how to use the technology, several books may keep you busy. The recommended books help the senior citizens to understand some programs and understand how to enjoy using computers. The books given below contain helpful information and answer some of the life’s questions that you may be asking yourself. 

Internet and E-mail for Senior by Addo Stuur

The book mainly focuses on the senior citizens of the age around 50 years and above. Most senior citizens lack the basic information about using some of the skills of running a computer. The book informs about some basics of observing and looking for important details and acquiring knowledge. The learners also learn about the essentials of managing emails.

What’s New Old Man by Bill Glasser

The book is the trilogy for the older man because the senior citizens can relate to the content that is written in the book. The book is enjoyable and numerous; it speaks of the problems faced by the senior citizens in the form of humor. Senior citizens enjoy the mood as they enjoy the reality of how the world has changed, and they get the confidence to face the world bravely. 

The Senior Sleuth’s Guide to Technology by David Peterka

The author of the book blends hard facts with humor. The book talks about the increase in the number of senior citizens who use computers and further explains how seniors use computers to counter their healthcare, travel, entertainment, and medications. Seniors understand the speculations that surround the future of the technological world. 

Online Resources for Senior Citizens by Charles C. shape

Senior citizens have several needs, and they need help to access information. The new generation may not understand the needs of the senior citizens more than the old generation. The recent age does their work in a fast manner and adapts to the changing world faster. The more the technology advances, the more the gap widens between the new and senior citizens. The book above contains compiled valuable information for them to report that they need in their old age. 

Young Technologies in Old Hands

The book highlights the methods by which senior citizens utilize ICT. Birgit Jaeger wrote the book. The book talks of how senior citizens use the available technology but do not talk of how the young generation can teach them how to manage technology.


Senior citizens need to learn how to cope up with technological advances. 

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