Technology In The Beauty Industry

Updated on January 21, 2022

The advancement of technology has had a great impact on almost all industries from health, agriculture, entertainment and beauty. Technology has brought a lot development in the beauty industry. Technology has made many channels for the industry to grow such as beauty apps and the use of social media to advertise beauty products and procedures.

Here are some of areas in the beauty industry that have been greatly affected.

Printed makeup

We have all wished we could transfer a makeup look from pinterest directly to your face. Thanks to technology you soon will be able to print a make look off the internet and put it directly to your face.

How cool is that?

The Opté wand from Proctor and Gamble (P&G) is a make-up printer launched at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The wand scans the skin and accurately puts little amounts of make-up to conceal wrinkles and many other blemishes. This machine has many cameras that take 200 frames per second and conducts an analysis on the data and distinguish dark and light areas and a machine applies foundation accordingly. Due to the precision of this machine only little product is use and it will help people save a lot of money on makeup products, which is just brilliant.

Hi mirror

We wouldn’t be talking about the beauty industry if we did not touch on skin care thanks to technology. In 2016 a Taiwan-based electronic manufacturing company launched Hi mirror. Hi mirror is a smart mirror that basically acts as your skin consultant. The way this mirror works is simple. Hi Mirror does a full face scan of your face and highlights your skin’s problematic areas, like dark spots, wrinkles and other blemishes. Hi Mirror also has an integrated artificially intelligent (AI) system that gives an everyday skin analysis for you to keep track of your progress. It also has special features that help its users try on makeup online.

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Try on apps.

Manually trying on makeup products can be exhausting and it can be very hard to purchase makeup especially foundation and concealer online without actually trying it own. Thanks to technology now you can buy your make up only from the comfort of your home thanks to virtual try on apps. Popular brands such as sephora and l’Oreal are introducing try-on apps so that their customer can try on make up onlines and purchase the correct shade of make up. This particular inventions has been of immense help especially due to coronavirus that has forced us to have minimal physical interaction.

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This one thing that has really been revolutionized by technology from people using just mascara to all different types of eyelashes from mink lashes which are made of real hair, sable eyelashes made from the fur of the sable which are animals found in russia and siberia too.thanks to technology there has been increase in cluster lashes manufacturers. Cluster lashes are purely synthetic lashes that are affordable and beautiful. Thanks to technology now everyone can have dense eyelashes.

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Smart hairbrushes

This is a hair brush that does alot more than just comb your hair.this smart brushes  ave sensors that can measure and detect  split ends frizzes in the hair breakages and the general quality of your hair. This smart brushes have another cool feature they can massage you scalp as you comb your hair. So cool.

‘all-in-one’ machines

Thanks to advancement in technology, many applications have come up in dermatological practices. Studies have shown that many physicians prefer using multi-application over single application devices because multi-application can perform many skincare treatments through only one system. This saves time and this multi-application can be accurate.

Personalisation and AI

It can be hard to pick your right foundation colour for your face especially for dark skin tones women.women with dark skin tones have for long struggled to find a foundation that matches their skin tone. Putting a million shades on the shelves so that they can get their actual shade so companies such as l’OREAL has developed a custom-made foundation machine which ensures to find the exact match for every skin tone.

3D makeup

Technology never sizes to impress.this last beauty trend is one of the coolest. It does not require putting on actual cosmetics.its gets inspiration from the popularity of AR filters social media apps like snapchat and instagram. 3D makeup artist gives you the ability to download outrageous makeup looks to improve your digital can now look like anything or anybody on social media.

Gender-Neutral Beauty Products.

Can we really talk about technology without including the LGBTQ community? Invention of gender-neutral makeup line is the next level of inclusivity. Most products are designed for women and now everyone is included. More than 50% of generation Z are considered gender nonbinary. So many beauty brands have found a niche and are now launching products that are not gender confining and even have done away with gender directed marketing like using women to advertise skincare products and make up including the packaging companies now focus on skin problems other gender.


Technology has come to improve our lives from virtual tryon to 3d make up all this is amazing but we should all be careful not hurt ourselves with this new innovation and trends


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