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Catalyst, the award-winning manufacturer of the world’s most protective and stylish cases and accessories for electronic devices, is announcing the availability of products across the United States through Verizon Starting today, Verizon online will carry the award-winning Catalyst Case for AirPods.  

The multiple award-winning Catalyst Case for AirPods is the world’s first and only AirPods case that offers complete protection for your Apple AirPods. A winner of the International Design Award in 2017 and a CES Innovation Awards Honoree in 2018 showcases the premium design and development capabilities that Catalyst is recognized for globally. 

The Catalyst Case for AirPods is a premium protective case that is a stylish, essential everyday accessory and is the first of its kind. Made of a soft premium silicone, the case is IP67 waterproof to 3.3ft (1m) and drop proof to 4ft (1.2m) making the Catalyst Case for AirPods the must-have accessory for your AirPods. This patented, award-winning design is slim and minimalistic and allows users to have convenient access to the Lightning charge port. The included carabiner allows the case to be easily attached to a belt loop, bag or backpack so that you can always find your Apple AirPods and the waterproof case is easily accessible. 

US $24.99 | Available Now | Colors: Army Green, Deep Plum, Slate Gray

Como Audio

The music systems from Como Audio are designed to make all of the music content that is available today accessible at the touch of a button.  There is no need to interrupt phone calls or to use an app or remote control to listen to music from all sources including Spotify, Internet, Bluetooth or FM radio. These  smart speakers deliver robust, high-fidelity sound in a beautiful, compact design.   They not only produce great room-filling sound, but also have the ability to sync music throughout the house. 

The Como Audio products come with pre-sets for your favorite music sources, a color display for Artist/Song meta data and available album art, clock with dual independent alarms, Internet Radio accessing 20,000 stations including Podcasts, multi-room capability, Bluetooth with aptX,  Google Cast/Amazon Dot-ready.  They include an optional remote control unit, as well as free iOS and Android “Como Control” app. Each product will receive updates through the Internet.

Solo has a 2.8” display and retails for $299-$349.  The larger Duetto  features a 3.2” display and more drivers to fill a bigger  room, and sells for $399-$449. The Musica ($599-$640) includes a CD player for those with prized CD collections they don’t want to give up and for true CD quality sound.  These models are available in furniture grade wood finishes of walnut or hickory as well as high-gloss lacquer white or black.  The lightweight Amico($399) is portable, with a weather resistant  teak wood finish and a rechargeable battery.

All products are available at


The JBL Playlist ($149.95) is a great gift this holiday season.

The JBL Playlist is Chromecast-enabled and has magnificent sound, so play your favorite tunes from your phone, cast it to the Playlist, and be a wonderful host during these holidays while everyone enjoys an awesome sound experience.

Popular music services like Spotify, Pandora and Google Play™ Music can be cast to the Playlist, making it a must-have these holidays.

Another great gift is the JBL Boombox ($399.95).

This awesome speaker keeps the party rocking for up to 24 hours with best in class sound and blasting, blistering bass thanks to a powerful, long-lasting battery. 


Grandparents love digging through boxes of old photos, sharing fun stories as they relive memories with their families. This Holiday Season, Epson lends a helping hand in reminiscing about the past and creating new memories with the whole family:

—Preserve family legacies and bring memories from the past up-to-speed using the world’s fastest personal photo scanner, the FastFoto FF-680W High-Speed Photo and Document Scanning System.

—Create lasting memories with custom prints of favorite family moments with the Expression ET-2750 EcoTank All-in-One Supertank Printer, featuring cartridge-free printing with up to two years of ink in the box.

—Take a stroll down memory lane with a creative slideshow of family photos projected with the Home Cinema 2150, delivering larger-than-life images in any room or outdoor space.

Celebrate Priceless Moments with Epson

Preserve, Create and Share Memories with Epson’s Scanner, Printer and Projector Solutions

There are special family moments in life that often cannot be replicated, so bring the family together this year for Christmas and New Year’s Day to create new memories and reminisce about the past with some help from Epson. From restoring and archiving childhood pictures with the world’s fastest personal photo scanner1, to printing quality prints for family trees and scrapbooks with innovative cartridge-free EcoTank® printers, to projecting a slideshow and digitized old family movies, Epson offers the latest technology to preserve, create and share what’s priceless.

Whether preserving Polaroid photos hidden away in shoeboxes, creating customized prints from milestone occasions or displaying a slideshow of your favorite moments, Epson helps families celebrate the holidays with a range of helpful ideas to digitize and share family history and memories. 

Preserve Family Legacies – Held captive in boxes and albums stored in the back of closets, dig up old family photos and revisit the good old days. Bring memories from the past up-to-speed using the world’s fastest personal photo scanner1, the FastFoto® FF-680W High-Speed Photo and Document Scanning System. Scan, restore and organize postcards, panoramic photos up to 36 inches and Polaroid photos for quick and easy sharing, archiving or enlargements. The Wi-Fi enabled2 FastFoto Scanner scans both the front and back of images to preserve valuable dates and personal handwritten notes and can automatically upload to the cloud3, making it simple to share images with family members that live miles away. 

Create Lasting Memories – Creating custom prints of your favorite family moments is a breeze with the Expression® ET-2750 EcoTank All-in-One Supertank Printer, featuring cartridge-free printing with up to two years of ink in the box4 – enough to print up to 6,500 pages black/5,200 color5, the equivalent to about 30 ink cartridge sets6. The ET-2750 offers double-sided and borderless 4” x 6” photo printing capabilities. With a built-in memory card slot and wireless printing features, it’s easy to edit and conveniently print photos from tablets and smartphones without the hassle of connecting to a computer7. Using the Epson iPrintô app, connect to Epson Creative Print and design custom photo collages, stationary, and more to send to family and friends.

Share Priceless Snapshots – Take a stroll down memory lane with a creative slideshow of family photos. From first days of school to family weddings and vacations, project larger-than-life images with the Home Cinema 2150 in virtually any room or outdoor space. This wireless projector features Full HD images up to 11 feet diagonal and adds screen mirroring using Miracast® to wirelessly stream photos, videos and apps from Android or Windows® devices. Portable and powerful, the Home Cinema 2150 delivers bright, vibrant images for an immersive experience that will take you back to the very moment a photo was taken.

For information regarding specs and where to buy these Epson solutions, please visit:


Don’t you hate it when you reach for your headphones or earbuds and they are a tangled mess?

Finally, you can enjoy your music and take your calls uninterrupted by eliminating the need to untangle your headphones thanks to Skooob – the new hassle-free and stylish accessory for your earphones! 

Skooob eliminates the tangled mess while adding a personal touch (and color) to any pair of earbuds or headphones. Features a wide selection of colors and styles to fit your personality and it’s easy to use. 

  • Simply twist the Skooob around the cord starting at the jack and work your way up towards the earbuds. 
  • Then simply cut the Skooob when it reaches the two separate earbud wires. 
  • Continue to twist each individual earbud until done and your all set! 

Your earbuds will NEVER tangle again (we dare you to try it) and retails for just $6.95-$8.95. Great Stocking Suffer Idea!

Check it out here:

Everlast notebook by Rocketbook

What better gift is there than one that lasts a lifetime, and is also good for the environment? The Everlast notebook by Rocketbook provides a classic pen and paper experience that is built for the digital age. Although it feels like a traditional notebook, the Everlast is endlessly reusable and connected to all of your favorite cloud services. And with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) features, the Rocketbook allows you to transcribe and search handwritten notes right in the Rocketbook App. 

When you write using any pen from the Pilot Frixion line, your writing sticks to Everlast pages like regular paper. Use the Rocketbook app to scan your notes into editable documents and automatically save them to your favorite cloud services including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote, to name a few. Rocketbook allows everyone on your list to stay organized and efficient without wasting paper.



Mohu, The Cord Cutting Company. Their devices are sure to please your favorite TV-lover as cord cutting grows increasingly prevalent in and cost-effective for American households. In fact, 1 in 8 U.S. households who cut the cord save an average of $103.10 per month.

Here are a few of Mohu’s newest high-quality, easy-to-install and cost-effective HDTV antennas and cord cutting products:

  • AirWave: is a first-of-its kind wireless device that allows viewers to combine live, local broadcast TV with free streaming channels in a familiar, easy-to-use programming guide. AirWave is available in two affordable options: the AirWave Premium Edition comes included with a 70-mile range outdoor antenna and all AirWave components. For those with an existing strong antenna, the AirWave Basic Edition includes the Mohu AirWave device as well as access to the free Mohu TV app, allowing customers to set up AirWave on any compatible streaming device, including Fire TV, Android OS, Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad), Apple tvOS, and Roku devices.
  • Blade: is a departure from Mohu’s previous HDTV antennas in aesthetic only. The antenna offers  a sleek and modern design resembling a sound bar, while delivering the same quality picture and vast reception range that is representative of the Mohu brand. Blade come with a 10-foot coaxial cable that gives customers the ultimate flexibility to place it almost anywhere: mounted on a wall, perched atop a shelf, even placed outside. Further, amplified with new FirstStage technology, the amplifier is located right next to the antenna, setting the noise floor of the digital system and mitigating the loss created by the coaxial cable, resulting in less pixelation and crystal-clear picture.
  • Striker: is an outdoor antenna with an impressive 75-mile reception range. Its unique design makes it easily placeable and ideal for almost any location and can even be used on-the-go. Beyond offering indoor and outdoor compatibility, this antenna gives consumers completely free access to the most popular network shows they care about, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, The CW, Univision, and more. Because over-the-air broadcasts are uncompressed, Striker is capable of delivering the clearest high-definition picture possible, noticeably better than cable and satellite providers.


SYLVANIA SMART+ lighting and accessories from LEDVANCE are the perfect gift for anyone who is looking to make life easier by having a smart home that is not only energy saving but is easy to setup and control. SYLVANIA SMART+ is one of the broadest portfolios of indoor and outdoor smart lighting products that provide beautiful illumination to complement your home décor, while also giving you full control with your smartphone, tablet, wireless switch, sensor, Siri, Amazon Echo or Google Home. 

Set up schedules to turn lights on and off while you are traveling or at work, and change the look and feel of a room to match your mood or aesthetics all through SYLVANIA SMART+, available at major retailers like Amazon,,, Menards locations and, and with prices ranging from $12.00 to $120.00

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