Must-Have Summer Running Gear for Seniors

Updated on March 31, 2021

Running in the sun can be a great activity for seniors. But you need to ensure you are protected from harmful sun rays and stay cool and hydrated. So, here are five running gear items you must have this summer.

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A Running Hat

You don’t want the sun on your head while you run, or you could soon burn up. Neither do you want harmful sun rays getting into your eyes. While a hat with a large brim can help to keep the sun off your face, it’s much better to choose a specifically-designed running hat made out of a technical-fabric to help wick the sweat from your head. When using a running hat with sweat-wicking material, sweat will not run into your eyes, and you’ll be able to stay dry, cool, and comfortable. You can also ensure your hair doesn’t get into your eyes while you run if you have long hair. Many running hats also contain built-in UV protection to shield you from the sunlight.

A Hydration Belt

Speaking of the sun, you need to make sure you are hydrated when you run in the summer. Humidity and high temperatures will make you thirstier than in the cooler months. When you sweat more, you need to replenish your bodily fluids. So, ensure you have a water bottle with you when running in the sun. Carrying a water bottle can be problematic, though, especially if you’re trying to enhance your running performance. One great option is to use a hydration belt. It fits around your waist and holds multiple small bottles of water. The best hydration belts stay in place while you run and ensure the bottles do not bounce up and down.

Loose and Lightweight Clothing

When running in hot temperatures, wearing loose-fitting and lightweight clothing is a must. A flowing, long-sleeved shirt can keep you cooler than tight-fitting short-sleeved tops because they shield you from the sun more. As for running shorts, choose loose-fitting, longer styles that protect your legs from the sunshine and keep you cooler due to having more ventilation.


You need to protect your eyes from the sun. And if you’re running in a busy area, you’ll need to ensure you can comfortably see oncoming traffic and any obstacles. So, a pair of decent sunglasses is highly recommended. Choose a pair of lightweight sunglasses that are specifically designed for sports activities. When it comes to sunglasses that protect you from harmful UV rays, the American Optometric Association recommends ones that can block out between 99% and 100% of both UVA and UVB rays to ensure you have full eye protection when running in the summer months.

Running Socks

Looking after your feet is of course crucial when running all year round. But in summer, you need to take extra care of your feet. That is because they can heat up quickly when running. You don’t want to swap your running shoes for a pair of sandals, because it’s critical you always wear a decent pair of shoes that can support your feet in the right way while running. But you can wear socks that have been specifically designed for running in the summer months. Running socks will keep your feet fresh and cool with each mile you clock up, helping you to avoid excess sweating and allowing air to reach your feet with every step you take.


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