Some Things that People Need to Know about Using Kratom

Updated on March 4, 2022
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Generally speaking, people need to make informed decisions. This is so that there will be no regrets eventually. In other words, you should not take or make decisions until you know the implications.

As stated above, this is a general rule and you most likely agree with this. However, you should know that this rule is more important when certain subjects are concerned. One of such is drug use.

People are affected with lots of mild and severe health issues and they need solutions. It is against this backdrop that they hear about the solutions that come with using certain drugs. Well, Kratom happens to be one of such drugs or plants as it were.

The truth is that it offers quite a lot in helping people with some mild and severe health challenges. However, it is not without its side effects. You need to know the side effects and a couple of other things about it to know if you should use it.

As explained above, your decisions when it comes to using drugs must be well informed. To this end, this article will discuss some things people need to know about using Kratom.

An Overview of Kratom

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A few parts of this tree (especially the leaves) have chemical properties that are great in terms of acting as a sedative and stimulant as well. It is for this reason amongst others that it has proven helpful for some in dealing with certain mild and severe health conditions.

This tree is found in many countries in the South Asian axis. Such countries include Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand. It plays a huge role in recreational, social, religious, and even cultural gatherings in these parts.

Other than these parts of the world, the desire for the extracts from this tree in its various forms has extended to the United States and many other locations. This is despite the legal and ethical restrictions in some of these places.

Possible Benefits of Kratom

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Although there is little scientific research to back up this point, there are lots of testimonies about how it can help in this regard. These testimonies detail the fact that Kratom can help in the following ways:

Reliving People that Have Chronic Pain

It is quite understandable how this is possible even though more research is still being conducted to validate this assertion. For one, its properties are opioid-like and this is one of the proofs that it can help in this regard.

Because it tends to act in this capacity, it alters the functions of the receptors in the body which include sending pain signals to the brain. In the long run, the user has a better chance of dealing with pain as a result.

Also, it has been discovered that some of its chemical properties are anti-inflammatory. So, it could help with pain caused as a result of inflammation as well as other things.

However, care has to be taken when used for this purpose. This is the same situation when opioids are used for this purpose as well. The reason is that some people end up as addicts to these substances as a result. For more on this subject, you can watch this video:

Help with Opioid Addiction

As stated several times in this article, many claims of what it can help with are not clinically proven. This is one of them even though there are bits and pieces of information supporting this claim.

However, this does not mean statements proving that it can do this should be swept under the carpet. For one, this is because of reviews from people stating that it has helped in this regard.

Having established this, some sources have claimed that Kratom can play a huge role in helping opioid-dependent people. This is mainly because there are many similarities in the feeling that Kratom and Opioid trigger.

However, the adverse effects of Kratom are nowhere close to what people experience with opioids. So, people that are addicted to opioids might turn to Kratom to get the same feeling that opioids trigger but would not face as many side effects as those associated with using opioids.

Nevertheless, Kratom is not without its several side effects and this must be well known to people that want to have it. This knowledge will help them make the right decisions.

Helps with Some Digestive Problems

There are a handful of infections that can have their sway inside a person’s intestines and stomach. Generally speaking, people with these infections have mild to severe gastrointestinal problems and would require medications that can help them deal with these complications.

It has been discovered that Kratom can help in this regard. For instance, it can do as much as slow down the effects of diarrhea.

This is something that many people, especially in places like Thailand have reported. Other than this, some people that are experts in practicing alternative medicine use extracts derived from Kratom for this reason.

Increased Level of Activeness

When the effects of Kratom set in, the user is most likely to feel active. This is a reason it is mostly used for recreational purposes by some people.

Side Effects of Kratom

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Kratom is not without its several side effects as stressed several times in this article. This knowledge should influence your decision to use it. And just in case you need to use it for whatsoever reason, knowledge of the side effects will help you pay attention to using the right amount. To this end, here are some of the known side effects:

Loss or Lack of Appetite

It is not an alternative to food. However, it can make user desire food a lot less. Users can end up lacking the required nutrients as a result.

Weight Loss

The last point sheds a little light on why this is the case. But aside from that, there is more to how Kratom can cause weight loss which could even be massive.

Skin Discoloration

Its effect can take its toll on a person’s skin. This is especially for people that have certain kinds of skin. One of the body areas that are most affected is the cheeks.

Sleep-Related Problems

Users that depend on it are most likely to end up with sleep-related problems. As a result, they can end up with health complications caused by sleep deprivation.


The side effects discussed above are just a few of the possible side effects associated with using Kratom. This is even though there are some benefits associated with using it as well.

So, you need to make sure your decision to use it is well informed. Generally speaking, this is how things should be when using any drug. Kava is also an example as it has benefits as well as side effects. You might even decide to do a kratom versus kava analysis to see the similarities and differences between both.

The whole point is making informed decisions when you need to use Kratom or any such plant extracts. We have shed light on some things you need to know to make the right decisions and hope that you make good use of them.


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