So We Got a Tenth Supreme Court Justice After All

Updated on April 20, 2023

A Texas district judge just suspended the FDA’s 23 years-long approval of the abortion pill, Mifepristone – for the entire nation.  Heretofore, only the U.S. Supreme Court had jurisdiction over the entire country; are we now witnessing their abdication to a seemingly egomaniacal judge appointed to serve in only one state?

There are several head-scratching issues with this pronouncement.  For starters, didn’t the Supreme Court throw the legality of abortion back to each state?  Now, only one state gets to decide for the other 49?

Also, there is a supreme irony in questioning the safety and efficacy of this drug that has proven a 99% safety record for over two decades, better than that of Tylenol.  Yet was there no question about the safety and efficacy of the covid vaccine before the FDA even approved it.  It was only available under an Emergency Use Authorization after just a few months of testing, with countless more serious side effects emerging than Mifepristone ever had.

So many of those in positions of power, such as this Texas judge, are straining to break free of all accountability.  You don’t have to be a revolutionary to keep in mind what writer Jimmy Breslin said about the Watergate crisis.  He said that power is in illusion.  Part of the illusion is that power exists only so long as others believe you have it.  Once they stop believing, it rapidly disappears.

Anyone who tries to impersonate a Supreme Court judge should have his illusion of power disappear.

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