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Updated on December 3, 2020

Technology advances at a dizzying rate, so any company or business in any sector has to keep up with advances in order to be competitive and provide a service to customers in line with the times. 

It is often thought that in certain sectors it may be less important to be at the forefront of technological advances, but this is not the case. Even older sectors can benefit greatly from the facilities provided by technology. 

A clear example is the dating sector. It is increasingly easy to meet people with the same tastes, who live in the same area, or even hundreds of kilometres away. Now this is normal, but just 20 years ago it was unimaginable for most people.

Those who provide sexual services have also benefited from these developments. Thanks to adult networks such as Skokka, anyone can place an ad offering their services, as long as they are of legal age, and they can work independently as independent escorts in Wellington.

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Thanks to these websites it is less and less common to see girls on the street, as both the people who want to offer their services and those who want to hire them prefer to do so in a more anonymous and secure way. We are probably facing a radical change in one of the longest-lasting professions in the history of mankind. And it is also a change that improves the profession in every aspect.

One example of the fact that clients of sexual services are increasingly opting for such sites and less for going out on the street is Skokka, one of the world’s largest adult classifieds sites. It is now present in almost 30 countries on different continents.

In each of the countries the website has a filter so that users can search in their region, city, even neighbourhood in some cases. In the largest cities of each country up to half of the total traffic of that country can be generated. A clear example of this is the UK, where London gets more than 50% of the users. That is why the supply of female companions and escorts in London is immense, as is the demand.

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How to book an escort on

It’s very easy to contact a Skokka advertiser, be it a boy, a girl, gay, straight… Just go to the erotic ads website and use the simple filter at the top. There you can choose from several categories, such as escorts, transvestites, gays or adult meetings among others. To hire someone who is in the same area, you can also choose the region and city.

When filtering, an infinite number of advertisements are shown, and when entering each one of them, the different contacts that the advertiser themselves have provided are shown. It is increasingly common to contact via WhatsApp or call directly to talk to the person offering the services before contracting them.

In some cities the number of users entering each day is enormous, and the number of escorts and call girls in Mumbai offered is so large that the website provides a search engine so that the user can make a more exhaustive filtering. For example, some words that are written are mature, young, blonde… depending on the tastes of the user and the future client.

Advantages of booking an escort on an erotic dating site

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, such as the filtering capacity, the variety of different advertisers or the fact that you can find the service you are looking for from the couch at home, there are other advantages that these dating websites provide. Some of them are::

  • The ease with which the advertiser and the client can talk before making the appointment, and that they can negotiate which exactly are the services that are offered and which are not. If there is a bonus for certain practices, or which ones are not directly offered. This avoids many subsequent misunderstandings, avoiding unsatisfactory services or uncomfortable situations. 
  • Home based services are becoming increasingly popular with independent escorts. Although there are also many users who prefer to go to the advertiser’s home. One way or another, you avoid the street, uncomfortable sex in the car and brothels with questionable hygiene.

In conclusion, hiring sexual services is now much easier and more comfortable than before, as well as having a greater variety to choose from. All this thanks to erotic advertising websites such as Skokka.

Fdo.: Anthony Vidal

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