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Updated on March 5, 2022

Dating for single and divorced seniors has been a lot harder, as most adults who are older have a hard time changing into the modern world, but did you know that there are even dating websites that can help with this as well? You may be surprised, as even television has been showing more and more signs of this, such as the popular Netflix series “Grace & Frankie” which featured online dating for seniors and older adults by using websites such as “Our Time.”

Amazingly enough, these sites are real, and are a great way for conservative adults (and even liberal adults) to find matches to mingle with. And with technology advancing, more and more seniors are using online applications, mobile devices, and more just the same, which makes it even easier.

Paying to Date

By using things like Senior Match, Dating for Seniors, Our Time, and more, these paid membership platforms have the ability to be just as popular as the main two that you may even remember ( and even e-Harmony, with e-Harmony taking the lead of older online users out of the two giants).

Even the AARP has a dating website that can give you free trials, as well as free user registration. Why are these paid? That is because they are essentially more secure and in order to have a full experience online, as well as keep many features that they have, they charge rather than just resorting to advertising to keep its users safe. Very rarely are you going to find a dating website in which it’s completely free, unless it’s more of a social website or if it has a younger member base. If you want to learn more about each one before deciding you can visit

Tips for Dating Online

When it comes to dating online, especially for seniors, life is short, but it’s not too short to protect yourself online. Some users may think themselves to lie about their status, such as people saying they’re divorced or single when they’re not actually so. You didn’t make it this far by being naïve, so don’t start to be online because this can cause detrimental effects that you didn’t want to endure anyway.

Otherwise, don’t be afraid to be yourself, as when it comes to senior dating, it’s more beneficial to remain honest. You don’t have to pour your heart and soul to someone right off the bat, but don’t be afraid to post who you are. If you try to hard when looking for love, you’ll find it harder to find that someone for you, just as you would in real life outside of the internet.


With the emergence of the many dating options available online for seniors, be sure to check the available options and apps that are also available on mobile platforms. Some of the popular senior dating websites actually have apps that are really convenient and easy to use on your smart phones, making them much easier than you would think in order to navigate, and find the love of your life.

As far as being yourself as mentioned above, the majority of users who are actually being themselves online may surprise you, as most people are afraid to be themselves offline. Try not to make this mistake and you’ll succeed a lot more in the online dating world. 

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