Simple Ways To Become More Active

Updated on January 12, 2021
Simple Ways To Become More Active

Getting up and moving around is good for your health. It can keep your muscles and cardiovascular system strong and reduce the risk of injury. You’ll also feel healthier mentally when you exercise often. However, as a senior, you may not be able to do high-intensity workouts. With this in mind, you can try some simple ways to become more active without overly straining yourself.

Go for Walks

Walking is a popular choice for exercise among people of all ages because it involves natural, familiar movements that they can do anywhere. If you prefer to take on your physical activity at a slower pace, you can start walking right in your neighborhood. You could measure how much exercise you get by either counting steps with a pedometer, measuring the distance you travel with a smartphone application, or timing yourself. Since walking isn’t arduous, you can also walk along with your spouse or someone else who lives with you to make the walks more enjoyable.

Set Reminders

For shorter exercises, such as stretches and stable movements that you can do at home, you can create reminders for yourself. Write on a calendar the times that you want to exercise on the various days within a week or set an alarm. This simple way to become more active will help you to stay consistent over time, since you won’t forget about engaging in physical activity. As for the specific movements that you can perform safely, there are lots of guides and videos that you can search online. You may also be able to get a list of recommended exercises from your health professional.

Ride an Electric Bike

Biking is a nice activity for staying fit because it allows you to pedal instead of striking the ground with your feet. This eliminates most of the impact of your movements so that you don’t experience joint pain. At the same time, you work on your cardiovascular and muscular health by riding a bicycle. To make cycling easier to adjust to your abilities, you should obtain an electric bike. This type of bike possesses a motor that you can turn on to help you move forward. When you’re first easing into exercise or you’re feeling fatigued after riding for a while, you can turn on the motor to assist you. There are usually several levels of activation to choose from, so the electric bike can help you stay fit by providing exactly the right amount of help you need.