Should You Pay Your Bills Using Credit Cards?

Updated on April 8, 2020

Omaha stands at the eighth position among the top 50 US cities, in Fortune 500 companies and among the per-capita billionaires. Its economy has transformed drastically since the 1990s. The Big “O” is also one of the top tech-savvy cities in the US.

Recent figures show that the city’s cost of living has increased. The workforce crunch is a significant contributor to the rising cost of living. Housing costs have gone up, while basic necessities like healthcare, transportation, and gas tend to cost more here. Over the past few years, the average balance on Omaha credit cards has touched $6000. 

If you search for an Omaha credit card online, you will find some of the best financial institutions to get credit cards. Using a credit card to pay bills you can’t afford may result in you spending a lot on the interest. Let us now see the scenarios where you can use your credit cards wisely.


Neighborhoods like North Omaha, bound by 24th street on the west and 16th street on the east, have great historical significance. Lately, these areas have been going through renovations to improve local businesses and homes in the area. Such neighborhoods have apartments and condominiums at affordable rents. You can rent from a reputed company with standard bookkeeping and use your credit card to pay your rent. 

Home and Auto Insurance

It is easy to set up credit card payments with most insurance companies in Omaha. Some of the reputed insurance companies, such as those on Burke St. offer excellent auto and homeowner insurance. They also extend their services to neighborhoods like Bennington, Elkhorn, and Gretna. 

However, make sure you don’t pay any fees. Few insurers do not charge a fee at all, while some don’t if you pay the premium in full.

Health insurance

The price of health insurance is quite high, letting you earn excellent credit card rewards.

However, owing to high operating costs, some insurers have stopped accepting credit cards. There are, however, some companies like those on Park East, the gateway to Omaha Downtown, who still accept credit cards. 

Searching online for an Omaha credit card will list out the options. You can then choose the best suitable credit card that is also accepted by the insurer.

Internet, Cable, and Cellphones Bills

Omaha is the 29th most connected city in Nebraska, with 29% of residents possessing fiber service. Around 96% of the city’s population get exceptional services from multiple internet providers.

With the majority of residents here having access to the internet and cable, internet providers understand that a credit card is one way of handling a large number of customers. It saves time and paperwork.

Likewise, Verizon gives excellent 3G and 4G coverage in this area. Companies like these also allow you to pay bills with your credit cards. 

Subscription Services

Almost all households in Omaha have either Netflix, Hulu, or Spotify subscriptions. These services come at affordable prices, thus making them perfect monthly bills to pay with a credit card.

To summarize, the credit card is a tempting way of paying your dues. However, it is best to evaluate your repaying capacity before making payments for your expenses with credit cards.

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