Should I Use a Space Heater?

Updated on July 20, 2020
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The short answer to the question is: it depends. After all, a properly functioning HVAC system should generate enough heat so you don’t have to use a space heater. But there are good reasons to use a space heater including spot heating a room or a small area where the HVAC doesn’t fully reach. Here’s a look at why and how a space heater can be of good use.

Spot Heating Rooms


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When the day’s activities are done and you’re settled into one room for the night, you don’t need to heat the whole house with the HVAC. This is the perfect time to bring the space heater into the room that you’re spending your time in and turn down the temperature on the thermostat. Space heaters typically cost less to operate and help you save money on your heating costs while keeping you comfortable.

Make sure to close the doors to unused rooms to keep the heat from escaping too quickly, and close the door to the room with the space heater. The temperature remains stable and the heater is more effective because the heat isn’t transferring into the next room which has a cooler temperature.

Warming an Unheated Room

Do you have a workshop or craft room in a basement or sun porch that has minimal heat? A space heater lets you use that room during the colder months and stay comfortable. Make sure to use a space heater that has the power to heat the room and overcome the ambient temperature in a reasonable amount of time. Be sure to also check that the electrical wiring can handle the addition of the space heater. 

Pick the Right Heater for the Job

There are a variety of space heaters on the market. They range from radiators that circulate oil to small space heaters with a fan and electrical coil. All types do the job of heating a space, but some warm the room more quickly than others. And then there are infrared heaters that can heat a whole room with ease. 

Ask yourself where you’re going to use the heater most and how. Are you looking to warm up your feet while sitting at a computer desk for an extended period of time? Or do you want to warm an entire room so you can turn down the thermostat? Your intended use for the space heater dictates the type of heater that is to be used, something to take into consideration when making a buying decision.

Make sure to practice safety measures when using a space heater in the home. Always unplug the heater when not in use, or buy a heater with a timer so that it will automatically shut off. Use properly grounded outlets or plug into ground fault interrupter outlets if they’re installed in the home. Using the space heater in a safe and sensible fashion helps to keep you comfortable without the worry of an accident happening.

You can also contact an HVAC provide such as E.C. Waters Air Conditioning and Heat to assist you in your supplemental heating needs.


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