Sexual Performance Anxiety: What Is It And How To Reduce It

Updated on June 11, 2021

Sexual performance anxiety is a common problem that takes pleasure out of intercourse. Men typically get the jitters before sex, but women experience it too, making it challenging for them to enjoy sex. Here is an in-depth analysis of what sexual performance anxiety is and how you can reduce it effectively.

What Is Sexual Performance Anxiety?

Performance anxiety is the state of being apprehensive before, during, and after sex. Therefore, instead of focusing on the pleasurable act of sex, performance anxiety sufferers are held back by self-doubt, anxiety, embarrassment, and even shame. Generally, some causes of performance anxiety are:

  • Relationship stress
  • Anxiety and fear about penis size
  • Negative body image, primarily due to weight concerns
  • Dealing with significant stressors like financial concerns and work issues.
  • Internet porn usage
  • Concern about premature or delayed ejaculation
  • Pressure to perform sexually, which breeds insecurity and fear over whether you would measure up in bed.

These factors can trigger the release of stress hormones like norepinephrine and epinephrine, leading to an anxious state of mind. In women, symptoms like dryness may be present, preventing them from becoming lubricated enough to have and enjoy sex. This anxiety can also affect a woman’s desire for sex, making it more challenging for her to reach orgasm. Men typically experience narrowing of their blood vessels when these hormones are released, leading to less blood flow to your penis and a higher likelihood of erectile dysfunction.

Combating Sexual Performance Anxiety

Luckily, you can adopt many physical, mental, and social approaches to eliminate sexual performance anxiety. Some of these include:

  • Medication

Sexual performance anxiety often leads to erectile dysfunction (ED), so you can take medication to address your problems with getting and maintaining an erection. These drugs stimulate blood flow to your penis and provide a psychological boost to ease the mental stress of sexual performance. Popular drugs like Cialis, Viagra, and Sildenafil are great options to explore for your performance anxiety-related erectile dysfunction.

  • Therapy

Speaking to a professional may also effectively address your performance anxiety issues, so consider this for the best results. A therapist can help you circumvent your concerns and anxiety regarding performance, so you can avoid all the negative emotions that hold you back from enjoying sex. You can also learn some techniques that can help you during intercourse, so therapy for performance anxiety and other sexual problems is always a great idea.

  • Enjoy The Moment

Great sex demands getting into the moment instead of fixating on how well you are performing. Therefore, focus on enjoying the sensations at every stage of the process instead of thinking about orgasm. 

  • Try Something New

Many sexual therapists often recommend spicing things up in the bedroom to relieve performance anxiety, so you can also try this. Therefore, you can explore role-playing, massages, extended foreplay, and other ideas that take the tension out of sex and make it a more relaxed and pleasurable experience.

  • Have Realistic Expectations

The media’s portrayal of unrealistic body types has undoubtedly put pressure on everyone to look certain to be considered attractive. Also, pornography’s distorted portrayal of sex can influence your perception of the act. These lofty standards can mentally affect your body image and create problems for you, so it would help to let go of them for the best results.

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