Seven user-favorite recipes that use CBD tinctures

Updated on June 10, 2019

Cannabis tinctures are the favorite of every cannabis newbie. These are easy to mix, and you can create a myriad of beverages using them to keep yourself hydrated and healthy all day long. Unlike most cannabis edibles including the cookies and gummies, the tinctures are pure extracts, and they have accelerated onset. Tinctures are the go-to cannabis products for all micro-dosers around the globe. Even the edible enthusiasts are trying out tinctures due to the wide range of DIY food and beverages one can make using the CBD tinctures. 

How should you choose your CBD tincture?

You can choose your tincture depending on your needs. Typically, you have a choice between full spectrum (with THC), broad spectrum and pure CBD extracts. Visit Global Cannabinoids to learn about the different concentrations and compositions of CBD tinctures you can find in the market. The standard tincture composition is oil-based, and you might even find them in lemon, mint and natural (neutral) flavors. Depending on your recipes and plans, you can choose a flavor that will complement the taste of the beverage. For example – if you are thinking of making mint tea with CBD, you might go with the mint flavored CBD tincture.  

How to use CBD tincture?

Once you purchase the tincture from a reliable web store, you might wonder about the different ways you can consume them. There was once a time when people would drop the tincture or oil directly under their tongue, but that would evoke the feeling of taking medicine. Users no longer want to associate CBD with timed medication, so they want to enjoy the entire experience. If you agree to this, here are seven exciting ways you can enjoy your CBD experience or THC buzz –

Herbal tea

Whether you go with the naturally earthy tinctures or the lemon and mint flavored ones, you should know that herbal tea best complements all CBD tincture flavors known to man. Tea has tons of flavonoids and tannins that have natural healing properties. Adding CBD tincture to your warm tea can add multiple health benefits to the drink. For example – you can add it to your chamomile tea for improving sleep quality. Or, you can add CBD extract to your black tea to enhance your alertness and focus. 


Coffee and CBD share a long-standing relationship. Whether you want to use a natural tincture or a citrus flavored one, coffee is going to be your best mate. You can drive your drowsy spells away with ease with a hot cup of coffee infused with some CBD every morning. However, if you want increased focus, you should stick to CBD tinctures and stay away from the full spectrums that contain THC.


What are workouts without smoothies? Smoothies can be your excuse to hydrate or the complete meal before you head out to work. Depending on what you put in the smoothie, you can feel satiated and happy or energetic and refreshed. Adding a dose of CBD tincture to your regular frozen fruits and yogurt smoothie can give you the kick you need before your day starts. Add a spoonful of Greek yogurt to your CBD smoothie in the middle of the day to curb your binging habit and drop those extra pounds.

Hot chocolate

There is nothing like hot chocolate on a winter night. You can add a dose of full spectrum CBD tincture to your regular hot chocolate mix, and top it with roasted marshmallows on an excellent night’s sleep. It is the must-have sweet treat for every CBD enthusiast as the Christmas bells begin to ring. For that extra punch, you can add around half an ounce of coffee liqueur to the hot chocolate.


Okay! We admit that CBD and milkshake is not the typical beverage, but the smoothness of the vanilla ice cream in combination with the unflavored CBD tincture is simply perfect. Treat your cannabis curious friends to a CBD milkshake, and they will thank you forever for the wonderful treat. It is the perfect concoction for fun summer evenings.

Freshly squeezed juice

Are you especially conscious about your health? Do you swear by a glass of freshly squeezed juice every morning? Then, it is time for you to try adding a dose of CBD to your next glass of fresh OJ. While you can add them to low-calorie carbonated sodas as well, adding lemon or mint CBD tinctures to freshly squeezed OJ will take your experience to the next level. It is especially useful for those, who have to take pain medication and anxiolytic medicines every morning before heading out to work. However, if you plan to spend a productive day, steer clear of tinctures that contain THC. 

Bubble tea

Have you tried bubble tea yet? Well, it combines two of the best things in the world. A tall glass of chilled sweet beverage and tiny gummy balls. These gummy balls rest at the bottom, and they pop in your mouth releasing a burst of flavors. You can find them in all flavors and colors imaginable. They are a cult favorite on the hot summer days. If you are thinking about ordering bubble tea the next time you are in your neighborhood bistro, take the opportunity to add some lemon or mint flavored CBD tincture to it. That will add a squirt of fun to your colorful beverage.

You should remember that CBD tinctures are oil based. Hence you should not expect them to form clear solutions. When you add them to any water-based drink, you might see an oil-in-water effect. You might see the CBD tincture swirl about on top, depending on the opacity and temperature of your beverage. However, that is entirely normal, and the flavors in the drink will neutralize the earthy tones of any unflavored CBD tincture to a great extent.

If you want a clear solution or emulsion, you should go for the CBD extracts in their water-soluble forms. You can also add cannabis to your infuser or tea bags while making tea, coffee or hot chocolate. The only drawback of this process is you will get a treat to the full spectrum of cannabinoids including CBD and THC.

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