Services That You Can Choose for Your Elderly Loved One

Updated on December 20, 2016

As much as we would like to think that our beloved parents or grandparents would live to a mighty old age and remain as sharp and sprightly as ever, the fact remains that they will begin to need help and assistance for even the simplest tasks at some point as they advance in age.

Often, the first signs are easy to spot. They may start forgetting names, faces, or things they were supposed to do for the day. Maybe their joint pains now prevent them from climbing up the stairs to reach the upstairs bedrooms. Perhaps a prolonged bout of illness has left them unable to accomplish daily tasks such as bathing, cleaning the house, or cooking for themselves. Or maybe they now need to be reminded that there are medications they need to take throughout the day.

For families living in Missouri, the best way to ensure that their senior loved one gets the best possible care is to find a trusted establishment that can provide their health care, physical, social and emotional needs.

The following are examples of services that are typically provided by such an assisted living facility:

Day care

You may have a relative or a hired caregiver to look after your senior family member at home, but there are times when these dedicated caregivers need to take a break or attend to other affairs. In these instances, an assisted living facility can make day care arrangements with just a few hours’ notice. Your loved one will be served delicious meals, provided a place to rest, and will be assisted in taking medication or other necessities.

Temporary or respite care

If you need a place for your elderly loved one for a few days, you can talk to the facility about flexible temporary care options that can be provided on a day-to-day basis. They can help maintain continuity of quality care.

Emergency admission

Facing an emergency is something that any household with an elderly member must prepare for in advance. It’s best to do research to determine whether a facility, like Heritage Village, can take in your loved one if there is an emergency during the weekend or in the middle of the night.

Extended stays

If a permanent residency has been found to be the best living arrangement for your senior loved one’s individual needs and preferences, then turning to a trusted care facility is a must. An establishment with a home-like environment can look after the residents’ wellness, allow suitable levels of independence, and offer the kind of care that each individual needs.

Your parents or grandparents may be facing challenges in terms of their mobility, health, or memory. Care facilities prioritize the health, well-being, safety and security of elderly individuals, so these remain your best options for ensuring that they are happy, healthy, and looked after every single day.

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