Senior or regular apartments, which is better for me?

Updated on July 3, 2020

When you’re approaching retirement age, it’s common to begin rethinking about how and where you live. At this point, you might not appreciate strenuous work such as maintaining a pool or mowing your overgrown lawn.

Also, your children are probably grown up and living on their own, so your house feels a bit empty. With these, it’s easy to wonder whether you need to move to a senior apartment or just overhaul and renovate your current home.

Here, we discuss the features and benefits of senior apartments to help you overcome your dilemma.

What is a senior apartment?

Put simply, this is a home designed to accommodate older adults, usually 55 years and above. It contains amenities and offers services that are convenient for people past that age group. Besides, you’ll find that most are constructed near medical centers and public transportation lines. On cost, prices vary depending on so many factors. But overall, most developers often take into consideration the fact that most seniors do not have big budgets for renting.

A few features that distinguish senior apartments from regular ones include:

  • Shower rooms with handrails
  • Elevators with handicap units
  • Studio-style interior (bedroom, living room, and kitchen in one space)
  • Housekeeping assistance
  • Emergency call systems
  • Controlled access
  • Social rooms

When should you consider a senior apartment?

Anyone above 55 years is a suitable candidate for senior apartments, regardless of whether they have been a renter throughout or previously owned a house. Even so, below are profiles of people who prefer them:

  • Widows and widowers looking to downsize their regular apartment
  • People looking for a company of peers
  • Folks needing lower-cost houses with minimal maintenance costs
  • Those relocating to live closer to relatives
  • Persons having difficulty carrying for themselves  due to old age
  • Those seeking increased security

Benefits of living in a senior apartment

As you age, there are a lot of bodily and lifestyle changes that could prompt you to rethink your housing. Below are the benefits you get by living in a senior apartment:


A study conducted by Healthfully shows that growing old with no one to talk can be extremely depressing. Senior apartments offer the benefit of having company from your age mates. You can make new friends, play games that are popular with your contemporaries or reminisce over memories with old friends. 

Less nuisance

When living in an independent apartment, there’s no control over who becomes your neighbor. It could be youngsters who regularly throw loud parties or even worse…children running noisily around, screaming at 6 o’clock in the morning. However, the majority of senior rentals are in community estates that only admit the elderly. This helps to guarantee that you will enjoy the much-needed peace of mind and personal space whenever you need it.


Crime against the elderly is still commonplace which is of course a serious problem. One of the great things about most elderly apartments is their security measures. Many apartments control the admission of outsiders as well as other security features to protect occupants. For example, many of these apartments for seniors by Blueground have concierge-guarded entrances, CCTV cameras and optional private home security systems. 


Living in a senior apartment will in most cases cost higher than staying at an independent, unfurnished apartment due to the in-home nursing care charges. The good thing is you can use long-term care (LTC) insurance to cover those charges. What’s more, the federal and state governments have policies that protect the elderly from property taxes. All these ensure the houses are much more affordable compared to regular apartments.

Housekeeping assistance

Are house chores becoming tougher to complete with every passing day? You will be pleased to know that the majority of elderly rentals offer housekeeping services. Usually, you will get help with your laundry, meals, house cleaning, and moving around if you’re disabled. What’s even better is everything is factored into the rent.

Convenient amenities

As we mentioned earlier, senior apartments come with furniture, utilities, and designs that guarantee maximum convenience. For example, a storied building will have few or no stairs and instead offer an elevator. Some houses also have workout amenities and fitness professionals to keep residents in top shape. The setup is such that you have immediate access to items, places, or people that you need for maximum comfort.

Should you consider a senior apartment?

Sure! A readily-built senior apartment offers you benefits and features you may never enjoy even if you were to upgrade your current home. For example, having age mates as your neighbors provides more comfort and company as you all probably share similar schedules. Besides, renting a seniors apartment will likely mean all your important needs are well-taken care of while you can access affordable services on-demand. This includes help with your house chores, transportation, medical care, and fun activities.


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