Senior Citizens are No Longer Intimidated By Technology

Updated on August 12, 2020


The quality of life for the elderly is better than ever in the digital age. When you think of technology, most people overlook its relevance to senior citizens, but the convenience that comes with reliable internet has more to offer to the elderly than any other age group. The misconception that technology does not mesh with senior citizens is proven false. When given chance, the elderly folk are coping just fine navigating the online world. With proper facilitation, most seniors can transact with their banks online, settle their utility bills, and get digital receipts as well as having some fun time playing online bingo.

The Covid-19 lockdown has taken a toll on people who cannot find things to keep them distracted. Even for the elderly, the days have proven to be extra slow considering they cannot risk moving around because they are at a higher risk of being infected. Without the option of visiting close friends and relatives, enjoying a sunny day in the park feeding pigeons, or having a blast at the local bingo hall with peers, many have taken to the digital world.

Let us take a quick look at the digital technology that golden agers find fascinating.   

Video Calls and Social Media

Most seniors either have a computer, iPad, or tablet in their homes, which they value a lot because it lets them hold video calls with their dear grandkids or loved ones. When such devices are configured to connect to the internet automatically, it makes it easy for seniors to explore the internet whenever they feel like. You can make it easier for them to access their favorite apps by creating shortcuts on the home screen. Golden agers are also fascinated with social media platforms and all the entertainment content that comes with platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. With smart devices, they also stay updated to the latest news, read on different topics of interest, find new recipes to try out, and even understand their health conditions better. Reading on a tablet is more convenient for the old folk as they can magnify pages and adjust the light setting.     

Online Games 

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Now and then, you will hear old-timers talking of the good old times and how they used to kick ass in their day playing traditional casino games. The new trend of gamification casinos has transformed traditional games such as the old fruit machines, making them even more exciting for online players. Seniors are no strangers to gambling, and many are already taking a trip down memory lane in online casino websites that offer vintage games. Some of the favorite online casino games for seniors include slots, bingo, online table games, and many others. Old-timers have more fun playing simple sociable games that allow them to compete with their peers. These are therapeutic to such an age group because they offer an escape from boredom and depression. If you know a senior living a lackluster life in their sunset years, consider letting them play some bingo in a group online but make sure to help them set up their credit card details with spending limits per day, week or month, to avoid any risks of financial consequences. Bingo in particular is very good for seniors as it gives a modern form of mental exercise. As a game, it is considered low-risk and every senior knows how to play Bingo so no need to learn something new. 

Digital Transactions 

Senior citizens mostly use snail mail to pay their utility bills and express reservations in online money transaction in fear of being scammed. Traditional methods of payment are, however, becoming outdated and mail transactions often get declined, which forces them to start the process all over again. Seniors lucky enough to have reliable guidance from the younger generation are learning how to make safe digital transactions, hence prefer settling their bills online, and even shop on digital platforms owing to the convenience.

Assistive Technology

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Virtual assistant devices make life easier and act as a memory aid for the elderly. Voice-activated smart technology like Alexa and Google home devices help control smart home appliances remotely and keep you updated on routine activities such as when to take pills or when to go for a doctor’s appointment. Assistive technology also gives the old-timers directions when they drive and help them make decisions when shopping by giving the best recommendations. Other assistive devices that come in handy include stairlifts, power wheelchairs, in-house video monitors, and so on.

Technology has influenced better living standards for the elderly in ways that many cannot understand until they get to their golden years. Such technology lets them gain some level of independence, which in turn makes them feel less of a burden to their loved ones. This is always important to the elderly folk as they get to retain their dignity even in old age.    


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