Searching for gifting ideas? Tips for gifting your close ones even better than Santa!

Updated on September 19, 2023
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The gifting season is knocking at your door, but wait! Have you decided on what to give to your loved ones? Choosing the perfect gift can be a worrisome task, and questions like “What do I give?” or “Will she like this gift or do I choose something else?” always pops up in your mind. But, you don’t have to worry! We have you covered! Here we have some fantastic tips to help you choose a perfect gift for your loved ones!

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Gift

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Gifts are a perfect way to bring joy to the faces of your loved ones on their special day! Read on to find how you can choose an ideal present.

Look for problem-solving gifts

Do you know what makes a fantastic gift? The one which solves your problems. Everyone loves a gift that will make their life easier. So, you should always find a gift that will reduce the recipient’s burden. So what are your options? For example, if your friend is staying at a hostel, why not give them a food coupon? Or, if your parents are complaining about plastics, you can provide them with paper towels.

Make the gift an event in itself.

You can always arrange an event, like a treasure hunt, to hype up the recipients and make gifting more fun! These events are more fun if you have kids in the family. All you need to do is choose a big area and hide small gifts in gift boxes. You can look up several websites to determine unique gift box ideas, like 

What’s the message with your gift?

Gifts will bring delight to your cherished ones if you combine a heart-felt message with them. Whether your gift is as simple as a handmade card, a warm and loving message with it can do wonders! You can vocalize your heart out to your beau or parents with these messages. 

Take some help with choosing.

Can’t decide what to gift to your best friend or beau? Simply ask their parents! You can always ask for help when choosing a gift. This way, you will be sure to impress them with what they desire the most!

Want clues? Check the social media accounts!

This one should not be a surprise. If your friend is a social butterfly, you will get all the help you need for gifting in their social profile! For example, do they want a brand new phone? Or do they wish for a personalized coffee cup or t-shirt? 

How about a gift card or an event ticket?


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Are you feeling confused as to whether the recipient is going to like your gift? Or are you not sure about what they want? Well, a gift card is going to do the trick. You can choose to get them an Amazon gift card or a gift card from their favorite store, and they get to choose what they want on their own. If your friend likes cooking for instance, then you can get them one of these Nella gift cards so they can get some more kitchen equipment. Or you could also get them an event ticket. For example, if your friend is a fan of rock concerts, then maybe a ticket to their favorite band’s show?

The thought matters, not the money

No matter how much the gift costs, it is the thought and effort that counts. The fact that you took out the time to choose something for them is going to matter. You could also make a handmade craft, which will be something that the person cherishes throughout their life even though it would cost less. Again, it’s the effort that counts, not the money. You can try out fantastic origami gift options and wrap them in cute gift boxes!

Donate to a charity on their behalf

Many of us are blessed with food on our table and shelter above our heads. However, for many people, that is a luxury. How about you use that money to donate something to a charity on behalf of you and your friend this time? This will not only make the recipients feel good, but also you and your friend will experience a sense of fulfillment. If it is for a holiday like Christmas, you can also donate some books, chocolates, cards along with the essentials!

Give them a memory ride with memorable gifts

Do you remember the first time you and your friend spent time together? Or what was the most memorable trip that you guys took together? How about as a gift you recreate that day? It is going to be unique, filled with nostalgic moments. For example, you can recreate the pictures that you took together the first time you were there. It is an excellent way of reliving the past and making more happy memories. 

Get them flowers, but not the flashy ones 

Plants can be a safe option for gifting your loved ones. When choosing flowers for your friends, make sure to choose something that is subtle and delivers a message with it. Don’t choose flowers that are too flashy. The flowers will serve as a memory for the recipient; whenever they are in the market, and they see those flowers, it will remind them of you. 

Personalization is a fantastic option

How about creating a handmade collage for your friend with your pictures? You could write some inside jokes, or you could talk about some of your happy memories. It is going to be one giant roller coaster of emotions. Personalizing adds the touch of love and fondness to any gift. 

The Bottom Line

When you are gifting someone something, no matter the occasion, the gift is going to be unique for both you and the person. The money will not matter; what will matter is the emotions, the effort, and the thought. Make sure that the gift you are giving stands out for the person and adds value to their lives. Gifting your entire family can be a difficult task. But you can opt for the custom gift boxes wholesale option, which will make the simplest of gifts grander. 

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