The Checklist for When Your Retire

By Chip Hollingsworth, Founder of Federal Employee Benefits Education Agency When planning for anything, whether is a new project around the house, packing for a vacation or even a trip to the grocery store, most of us will have multiple lists for each, items to remember to pick up or things to do before we … Read more

A Matter of Life and Breadth

The importance of conducting life insurance reviews By Jeanne Keshishian Many Americans view life insurance as something you purchase, stick in a drawer and promptly forget about. The reality is that you’re doing yourself a potentially damaging disservice if you neglect to conduct periodic life insurance reviews.  Insurance policies evolve over time, and policyholders’ circumstances change. … Read more

5 Steps to Seeking Sound Financial Advice

A how-to guide for vetting Wealth, Financial and Retirement Advisors For most of us, a financial advisor is an integral component of successfully navigating retirement and all of its complexities. What is often not clear to many are the important factors that go into choosing the right Advisor and the difference this selection can make. … Read more

To Have and to Hold

Same-sex couples face unique challenges in financial and estate planning By Josh Alpert, Principal, Wealth Trac Financial Group Same-sex couples—including seniors—have made enormous and historic strides in recent years with respect to marriage equality. Last June, a landmark Supreme Court ruling found that the U.S. government cannot withhold federal benefits to same-sex couples if their union … Read more