Retirement Savings and Taxes

retirement savings

By Steven J. Weil, Ph.D., EA One thing is certain: the longer you wait to start planning for retirement, the harder it will be to accumulate the funds you need. While how much you put away and what kind of plan you choose are both important, the most important thing is to start early.  Here … Read more

Finances Don’t Have To Be All-Consuming in Retirement

Imagine finally reaching retirement only to discover you face significant financial questions that don’t seem to have any good answers. This scenario is occurring more frequently as time goes by. Unfortunately, an entire generation of people facing retirement age suddenly finds themselves feeling lost because they didn’t take the time to think and plan while … Read more

Missed the Retirement Planning Boat? Here are 5 Tips to Help You Catch Up

By Julie Ritten, founder of Ritten Financial Longevity: Climbing the Mountain What’s the goal of climbing a mountain? The right answer is not to reach the top, but rather to make it down safely. Retirement planning is similar to mountain climbing in that the main focus is often on building retirement assets, rather than planning … Read more

What You Need To Know About Your 401K

By Jerry Linebaugh So, either you are reading this article because you have been investing for a while in your 401K or you are new potential saver to the 401K concept.  I believe I can give some timely information for both audiences.  This can be a tune up for experienced savers and something to help … Read more