Retirement Travel Ideas: Unique Bucket List Adventures

Updated on September 12, 2023
Retirement Travel Ideas: Unique Bucket List Adventures

Retirement means having more time on your hands, which opens up many doors of opportunity. Many retirees choose to spend their time traveling. Seeing all that the world offers is one of the best ways to live an enriched life. Check out our list of unique bucket list adventures for some fun retirement travel ideas if you plan to do the same and want to take your retirement global.

Liveaboard Diving Trips

One of the greatest wonders of the world is the ocean. Its waters cover more than half of the world. As a large part of the earth’s land mass, the ocean is home to many marine life, featuring an abundance of diverse plants, animals, and organisms.

Explore underwater wildernesses and travel the seas with a liveaboard diving trip—a multiday cruise to multiple remote dive spots. Depending on what you look for when choosing a liveaboard diving boat, your diving adventures can include so much more than underwater exploration and a boat ride. Some liveaboards include different adventures, activities, and luxuries to indulge in. Add liveaboard diving trips to your itinerary for a multifaceted retirement trip packed with lots to see and do.

Ride India’s Palace on Wheels

Did you know India has a place on wheels? The Palace On Wheels is a luxury train that stops at the best places to visit in the country. Some of the notable destinations on the Palace’s route include the Golden City (Jaisalmer), the Pink City and capital of Rajasthan (Jaipur), and Ranthambore National Park.

On board the train, the Palace indulges you with an array of royal treats, from an Ayurveda spa to luxury dining. Enjoy India’s many sights and wonders while relishing luxury treatments with a ride on the Palace On Wheels.

Trek Iceland’s Golden Circle

Try trekking Iceland’s Golden Circle if you are an adventurer at heart and want to stay active in retirement. The Golden Circle offers many attractions to explore as you traverse the Circle’s hiking trails, from breathtaking waterfalls to vast volcanic craters. Don’t worry. The Golden Circle’s trail is also car-friendly if you aren’t up for long walks.

The Golden Circle spans 190 miles and offers many camping locations along the route. You might be retiring, but your hiking shoes are just coming out of retirement. Explore Iceland’s Golden Circle.

Scout Out Giant Rafflesias

The world is filled with wonders, from historical pyramids to rare animal species. The Rafflesia is one of the most unique wonders in the world. This giant flower is a sight like no other, with a three foot diameter and a total weight of up to 15 pounds.

Although the flower releases an unpleasant odor when in full bloom, encountering Rafflesias in the wild is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You get to witness one of the greatest marvels of nature’s creations. Look for giant Rafflesias during your retirement travels for a unique adventure—it’s almost like a treasure hunt!

Spend your retirement completing a unique bucket list of adventures. These retirement travel ideas allow you to explore and experience many wonders of the world, from underwater wildernesses and rare flowers to breathtaking landscapes. Experience the world like never before and travel around the globe on an exceptional adventure.

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