Residential Rehab Centers for Older Adults

Updated on November 16, 2020

Have you experienced any older adult suffering from loneliness and depression? Is the person facing a social withdrawal? Well, you should not ignore or take it lightly. Those can be one of the major symptoms of addiction. In this world, most people suffer from depression, especially elderly people. They do not have anyone to talk with and share their feelings and emotions, pushing them towards different addictions. Different rehab centers are ready to offer help to older adults to get back into regular life.

Recognizing Addiction in Older Adults

In order to solve a problem, you need to identify it in the initial stage. Well, that is the most challenging job in case of addiction. An older adult feels ashamed of talking about addiction towards any drug or drinking. As a result, the best way is to detect ahead of time. Some of the symptoms that will help you to spot the addiction are:

  • There will be a loss of appetite with sudden weight loss.
  • They will be more engrossed in their addiction rather than eating food.
  • Frequent health problems will take place without any proper medical cause.
  • Withdrawal from social life and lying about drinking habits can be a major symptom.
  • Constant mood change and signs of the insomniac are also a primary indication.

What are residential rehabs?

Residential rehab centers help people who suffer from severe addiction due to unnecessary drinking or drug intake. Addictions in older adults are mostly due to loneliness and depression. They can easily tackle it in residential or inpatient rehabs. Doctors provide round clock service, and addicts can seek medical assistance when they need it.

Main benefits of Inpatient rehab

Inpatient rehab centers such as rehab centers in Baton Rouge are for those who require help throughout the day. It is a part of the treatment process appropriate for severe addictions. It has some great benefits that help the patients to recover faster: 

  • Infrastructure: Inpatient rehabs are ready to deal with situations so that an addict will not get much time to concentrate on any other things. They remain engaged with all kinds of recovery activities throughout the day.
  • Support: In any recovery, relapse is quite common. During the early stages of recovery, there is a high chance of relapse, so constant professional help is available for the patient.
  • No negative influence: During the residential rehab or inpatient rehab program, no phone calls, visitors, or any other connection with the outer world is allowed. To prevent smuggling of different substances, the centers take these measures.
  • New bonding: All the patients who stay in a residential rehab go through the same mental feelings. So it is easier for them to connect with their fellow mates and make new friendships.
  • Balanced diet: Nutrition is an essential factor in the treatment. The specialists in medical professionals attached to these centers make sure that all patients eat a strict balanced diet to cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

 Type of programs 

Every individual is unique, and their problem is also unique in their way. Various types of programs are available as per the necessity of their patients. They are as follows:

Long-term program: The addiction sometimes takes a severe turn in the case of some patients, and they are required to stay in residential rehab for an extended period under special supervision. These programs are also called therapeutic communities where older adults will get an individual apartment and personal amenities. They will have to stay away from their home for a particular period as a part of the treatment plan.

Short term program: If the addiction is at the primary stage, the patient gets treatment through a short term program. This treatment plan is only for approximately 12 weeks as per their requirement. Medicines, therapy, and counseling are also part of the treatment plan.

Amenities available in the residential rehab centers

Most of the residential rehab centers, such as inpatient drug rehab in Missouri, try to offer the best facilities during the treatment. The patients should feel comfortable just like their home and should enjoy their stay. Round the clock doctors are present to attend the patients in case of any health problem during the treatment. To cool down all the patients’ mental anxieties and stress, and depression, the rehabs provide a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Are the benefits worth it?

Inpatient rehab centers offer medical care and a healthy diet. They give the best treatment to all their patients to recover fast and return to their everyday life. The cost of the treatment, as a result, depends upon the treatment program. Some may think that inpatient rehabs are not worth the price, but it depends upon individual perspective.

So if you or a loved one is a victim of addiction do not hesitate to get help. 

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