Rejuvenate Your Spirit by Connecting with Nature

Updated on March 4, 2015

shutterstock_128818372With busy schedules and work responsibilities, the stresses of life seem to continue without any relief in sight. You may spend your spare time indoors choosing to connect with your mobile device or computer screen. Your to-do list is filled with errands, work commitments or obligations to shuffle your children from one place to another. By checking off various tasks on your list, you forget to recharge your spirit and self. The only time you may spend outdoors is driving to work or grabbing the mail. When you realize you are spending very little time connecting with nature, it maybe time to make a change. There are easy ways to reconnect with nature to nourish your physical, mental and spiritual self.

Start Small & Reconnect

To make any change it is best to start slow. One practical way to reconnect with nature is to carve out time from your schedule to take a walk in the morning or evening. Walking boosts your spirits, increases your energy and studies indicate that it strengthens your memory. Even 10 minutes of walking around the neighborhood can provide an instant pick me up and a way to decompress after a hard day’s work. By appreciating nature’s landscape with a walk, you are exercising and decreasing your likelihood of depression. Walking is a great way to include others as well. You can join a nature walk group or take a stroll with your family and start noticing various flowers, birds or the blue sky.

Go Outdoors

For some walking may seem a little slow and they want to reconnect with nature with more intensity. Why not take the family camping? Camping is a great way to reconnect with nature with several fabulous options. If there is an accessible lake, you can grab your family and enjoy a fishing excursion. For those who prefer hiking, try climbing trails in and around your campsite.

Packing for a Trip

Do not let your lack of preparation keep you from connecting with the outdoors. Prior to your trip, pack a pair of sunglasses with replacement lenses that offer complete UV protection. You will be grateful when these lenses reduce glare and enhance your hiking experiences.

If you plan to camp overnight, make certain that you pack flashlights, a medical kit, hiking boots and camping clothes.

Physical and Mental Benefits

The various opportunities to exercise during the day will nurture your physical spirit, while at night you can bond with your family by sitting around the campfire and making s’mores. This energy can nourish your emotional and mental spirit by helping you relax, far away from a computer screen or smartphone. Interacting with nature and your loved ones will make it an experience that you will treasure.

Reconnecting with nature is not complicated. You must make the choice to embrace your options. Whether it is a walk around the block or a weekend camping excursion, these activities can allow you to not only reconnect with nature, but also cultivate a stronger mind, body and spirit.


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