Reasons You Might Need A Visit To Your Dentist In Philadelphia

Updated on August 3, 2021

We all pay a lot of attention to our bodies and external aesthetics. But have you thought about what keeps your smile truly healthy and brilliant? Most of us limit dental health to just brushing and flossing, not realizing the importance of getting a regular dentist’s appointment. 

There is a lot more to your dental health than just having healthy teeth. Problems like bad breath, gum infections, or teething among children need to be assisted regularly so that your teeth, gum, tongue, and jaws stay healthy. If you’re looking for reasons to visit the dentist in your home state of Philadelphia, we have several. Listed below is all the motivation you need to start regular dental check-ups for yourself and the entire family!

Diagnose tooth decay before it causes a significant damage

The signs of tooth decay start showing up in little ways that we can’t always catch on time, which may result in the erosion of your dental enamel and tiny cavities on corners we cannot spot. A regular dentist appointment will help you rule out the onset or chances of getting dental cavities; if you already have dental cavities, the dentist will be able to slow down the damage using treatments like fillers and sealants, among others. Visiting an emergency dentist in Philadelphia will help you avoid long-term dental damage.

Clean your teeth at areas where brushes and floss won’t reach

There are limits to the areas that your toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash can reach to clean your teeth and gums. There are chances of dental plaque or tartar and enamel erosion forming despite all the brushing and hygiene protocols you follow at home. To ensure that your kids’ teeth remain clean and healthy, regular appointments make sure that they are shown the correct way to brush by an expert.

Diagnose severe dental diseases

More than 54,000 Americans experience oral cancer every year, as per the American Cancer Society. Getting diagnosed early by your dentist at every half-yearly scan can save a life.

Treat the root cause of bad breath and gum infections

Bad breath and mouth odor is an unpleasant and embarrassing experience to have and a signal that something isn’t quite right. Getting a dental check-up regularly will rule out gum infections and other dental problems to avoid or treat the issue of bad breath.

Assistance with wisdom tooth growth or removal

Getting the last set of molars can be a harrowing experience for many, with extraction being recommended by dentists. Visit the dentist when your wisdom teeth erupt so that they can be guided to grow correctly or be extracted if they cause more harm than good.

Just like yearly or half-yearly complete check-ups, your dental health also requires a periodic appointment to make sure your pearly whites are always in the best condition. Make sure that you go to your dentist every six months to ensure a healthy mouth and smile!

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