Reasons To Get Rid of Your Storage Unit

Updated on March 26, 2023
Reasons To Get Rid of Your Storage Unit

Every year, millions of dollars are spent on storage units that sit unopened. The entire industry is one that counts on collective indifference to continue to profit while holding your possessions hostage. The locked spaces that exist to store our junk continue to profit simply so that we can avoid throwing things out. Here are four reasons to get rid of your storage unit.

Storage Fees

The fees that are charged to store stuff that we can clearly live without can quickly get out of hand. It isn’t uncommon for prices to reach as high as $200 per month, which adds up quickly as time goes by. This is even more dangerous with an auto-pay enabled option, which allows storage companies to passively collect your money without any input from you.

Fear of Purging

Another reason why people insist on keeping their storage unit is the fear of throwing something away that they will need one day. While this is a reasonable question for collectibles and other valuables, these things are typically not stored in a storage unit. Getting rid of the things that you no longer need will make life simpler. You should also remember that if it is in a storage unit, you aren’t really taking advantage of it and there is no point in holding onto it any longer.

Make Some Money

A big reason to get rid of your storage unit is that you can make some money in the process. Over time, most items will lose value, so selling them early instead of letting them sit around collecting dust can net you some return on your cost. And if there are collectibles, it can help you to recoup the cost of the storage unit while letting somebody who will enjoy the items get use from them.

Estate Planning

Cleaning out a storage unit is the last thing that people want to do after a loved one has passed away, so you should try to make it easier on your family. There is also the possibility that the payments for the storage locker will stop being made, allowing the owners of the place to sell your possessions without informing your family. Either way, it is a chore that is best handled yourself instead of leaving it for others to deal with.

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