Protect Your Assets and Avoid these Common Bad Investments

Updated on March 20, 2022
Protect Your Assets and Avoid these Common Bad Investments

Retirement is right around the corner for many baby boomers. Soon, an entire generation of people will be able to kick up their feet and look back on their accomplished careers. Yet, this period won’t be as blissful as folks envisioned if they’re always worried about their finances. Individuals thinking about retiring soon should read this article about which common bad investments to avoid. Adults who are on the cusp of leaving the workforce should do everything they can to secure their financial future.


A timeshare is a shared vacation property typically located on a popular resort. Although this vacation option seems appealing, millions of people get roped into timeshare scams every year. Timeshares drain people dry, and they rarely live up to the expectations in folk’s minds. These vacation properties require owners to pay colossal maintenance fees, and most people have to acquire a loan to even sign the contract. The interest rates associated with these loans are astronomical. Typically, owners quickly try to get rid of timeshare or back out of the agreements only to find they’re stuck. So please, avoid this hassle and stay away from timeshares.

Luxury Cars

Luxury cars are beyond cool. There’s nothing better than driving down the street and knowing other people are jealous of your vehicle. However, these automobiles aren’t very practical. For starters, most luxury car models are incredibly small. This means fewer passengers can tag along for rides. These cars are extremely expensive and costly to repair, as well. Thus, since it’s such a substantial investment and they’re difficult to maintain, it’s best to stay away from these vehicles while at the dealership.


Collecting antique or historical items is a fun hobby. Yet, people shouldn’t let this activity get out of hand. The last thing anyone wants is to put their retirements funds at risk because they’ve overspent on a beloved pastime. That’s why individuals should try to keep their collections to a minimum. There’s no reason anyone should spend a huge portion of their savings on items that offer few to no return on investment.

Upcoming retirees should avoid these common bad investments to protect themselves financially. People must meticulously plan out their retirement so they don’t run out of cash too quickly. Budgeting is a nearly impossible task for people who aren’t smart with their money. Those who research things before they buy them will be in a much better spot than people who buy things on a whim.

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