Planning a Wedding in your 50s: Things to Consider

Updated on October 21, 2014

shutterstock_725348There are a number of reasons why planning a wedding in your 50s can be more fun than planning a wedding in your 20s. For one, you know yourself better and know what you want. Second, you’re in a more stable financial situation than your younger counterparts, allowing you to make your day that much more indulgent. Here are a few things to consider for your memorable big day:

The Dress

Steer clear from the fluffy princess-themed dresses, and instead, select a more elegant, streamlined dress. Be mindful of the neckline, and opt for something that is flattering, without being too revealing and low-cut. Off whites and muted creams tend to be more flattering on mature brides than bright whites. You might also want to consider a cocktail-length dress or couture suit that can be worn again at a later time. Draw inspiration for wedding dresses on Pinterest, where styles for second-time-around weddings are abundant.

Activities & Decor

While dancing will never go out of style, many of the games and activities played during weddings for younger couples may not be for you. Focus the celebration on your family, and dance the night away with your dearest friends. If you or your betrothed have children, allow them to partake in the wedding music selection to make it a family affair.

Fresh flowers are ideal for all types of wedding occasions, so include them in your bouquet and reception decor. Don’t be afraid to go outside of the box with bold, bright colors that will make your special day even more vibrant. Incorporate flowers into unexpected places for the perfect signature touches, including the wedding arch, place settings, and wedding favors.


If you are accepting gifts, make it easy for your guests by setting up a wedding registry. You may not need more china and silverware, so look up specialty shops that offer candles, fine liquors, or even antiques. Since you may have all the household items you need at this point in your life, opt to request donations to a charity close to your heart in lieu of gifts.

Enlist Help

Take advantage of your financial stability and recruit a wedding planner to oversee the preparations for your big day. Additionally, delegate some responsibilities to your family—a gesture that will make them feel honored to be included in your decisions.

Your wedding, like you, should be timeless. Enjoy planning your special day, and embrace the memories that will be created as you’re surrounded by your dearest friends and family!


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