Pertinent Foot Care: How To Prevent Smelly Feet

Updated on January 24, 2018

Your feet go through a lot, and you may not give them credit or realize just how much TLC they need. Foot care is one of the aspects of health and wellness that can often slip through the cracks, but your feet are the very foundation that you stand on. They get you from place to place, and they should be adequately supported. Lack of foresight in caring for your feet can be more potentially disastrous than you may think.

When you get older, your feet may start to become symptomatic, especially if you have health issues. Things like neuropathy, diabetes, athletes foot and other conditions can compromise the health of your feet. You may also notice that you start to develop a different type of foot odor. Keep these things in mind to help properly care for and preserve the health of your feet.

Keep them dry

Whether you are prone to sweating a great deal or not, you want to keep your feet dry. Make sure that you thoroughly dry them after you clean them or shower. Often times, bending down while standing can be too cumbersome and dangerous as you get older. Make sure to have some type of seated bench or place you can safely sit to tend to your feet after you bathe. Ensure you dry all the cracks and crevices nicely. Opting for some foot powder is a great idea when you are trying to keep feet dry and odorless. Any little bit of moisture can become an issue because bacteria and fungus thrive in moisture. Also wear socks as often as you can to protect your feet from external contaminants.

Wear insoles

Your feet greatly affect the rest of your body. The way that you walk and stand can directly change the way that other parts of your body function. Whether you have flat feet or a high arch, your feet can be integral in the overall health and composition of your body. Choosing to wear comfortable, supportive insoles inside your shoes can drastically change your overall foot health.

Firstly, wearing insoles can prevent odor and fungal growth by keeping feet cool and dry. Insoles are also made to cushion feet and improve the comfort levels of your footwear. Wearing insoles can completely change the health of your feet. Your feet may begin to ache much less. What many don’t know is that if your feet are improperly aligned, so many other parts of your body may start to act up. Knee, hip, and lower back pain can sometimes be tied to how the rest of your body proportions your weight on your feet. Insoles can properly help that.

Keep them clean

The reason why any part of the body smells is typically because of bacteria, whether it be in your armpits or your feet. Using a good antibacterial soap that can kill off that pesky bacteria efficiently and quickly is key. Using a natural soap, especially one with essential oils is recommended. Essential oils are perfect because many of them are intrinsically anti-bacterial. Peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree are some of the options that readily can be found as ingredients in many soaps.

Clean your feet at least once a day and be very careful about the lotion or cream that you administer after your feet are dry, some aren’t meant for feet and don’t absorb into the surface of the skin which means it can activate additional levels of moisture. In these cases, instead, use something that absorbs quickly and won’t leave your feet slick or sweaty.

Be diligent about cleaning socks/shoes

A big reason why smelly feet seems to sometimes re-occur is because your socks and shoes aren’t being properly cleaned. This is precisely where the bacteria can live even if you are routinely cleaning your feet. Do not wear socks for more than 12 hours at a time and don’t put on a pair of dirty socks, especially with clean feet. Clean out the inside of your shoes with antibacterial wipes at least once a week, more if they get or stay wet. The cleanliness of your socks and shoes is going to be integral in properly dealing with your smelly feet issue.


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