Online Gambling Versus Brick and Mortar Gambling: Which is For You?

Updated on June 26, 2021

The continued explosion of online gambling via online sports betting has made getting into this hobby incredibly easy. There is now a wealth of options to choose from.

But online gambling and the traditional brick and mortar gambling can be two separate experiences. Both have their pros and cons. You can get into both or you can stick to one to make it simpler.

Let’s outline the differences for both and which one would be right for you. 

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Online Gambling is For You If

1. You Want Convenience and a Wider Range of Options

Without question, you will find a broader range of sports and casino games to play online. Online sportsbooks cover nearly every sport on the planet and some will even open betting lines for you if you ask them. 

As far as casino games, being virtual allows online sites to store more games like slots whereas brick-and-mortar sites are obviously limited by the physical space.

And of course, it is more convenient to access online sites. You can do it from your phone or tablet from anywhere with an Internet connection.

2. You Want More Deposit Methods and Bonuses

Most offline casinos and gaming sites will take the traditional deposit methods: credit card, cash, or maybe even debit. But many online sites feature dozens of ways to deposit including cryptocurrency. 

Additionally, many of these sites will give you deposit bonuses depending on the currency you use. 

Many sites will match up to 100% of your initial deposit up to a certain amount. Some online casinos will reward you with free slot rolls and similar bonuses.

3. Want Less Expenses and Better Payouts

When placing a bet, you will be charged an extra 10% or 20% in commission known as “vig” or “juice”. This is why you have to risk extra in a 50/50 bet. That’s the commission sportsbooks collect. 

Brick and mortar sites tend to charge higher here as they have a higher overhead with the office, staff, and other expenses. Plenty of this commission also comes from potential winnings hence why these places will offer lower payouts than their online counterparts. 

With online sportsbooks and casinos, you not only have to stake less but can potentially win more. 

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Brick and Mortar Gambling is For You If

1. Want the Full Gambling Experience

Nothing beats the real thing. For all the benefits online sportsbooks and casinos have, being inside an actual casino, game site or racetrack is a priceless experience. 

Sure, you may end up spending more for the drinks, food, and other amenities here. But you cannot replicate the experience of gambling and winning here.

Most of us play to have fun and nothing is more fun than being live where the action is. 

2. Want to Collect your Winnings Right Away

Even if offline sites do not offer payouts as big or charge more commission, it is faster and easier to collect your winnings. Some online sites, especially the unreputable ones, can make it a pain to cash out. And even if you do cash out successfully, it may take up to weeks before you see your money. With brick and mortar sites, you play, you win, and you cash out. It’s that simple.

3. Need Personal Customer Service 

In brick and mortar sites, there is a dedicated customer service person ready to help you. Some sites make it difficult to find a person to help you and it will be through the phone. They want you to go through FAQ’s, a chatbot, or through email. 

When you need help immediately, you can reach an actual person from the casino. They can walk you through any questions you have. The person-to-person experience is unbeatable this way.

Which Is For You?

Online sports sites offer more convenience and a wide range of options. This could be better for you if you want the best bang for your buck and you’re a more experienced gambler. 

But if you prefer the atmosphere, the human element, and just want to gamble casually, nothing beats the brick and mortar version. 


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