One Dozen Helpful Hints for the Wheelchair Bound

Updated on September 25, 2014

371671_774058776_44216139_nNow that I’m in my Jazzy I realize how difficult it is for the wheelchair bound. Here is a list of small things you can do to help you navigate your world:

1. I asked my handy man to lower the clothes rods in my closet. If, for some reason you can’t do that, you can use a broomstick.  Cut the broomstick the length you want. Take some cord and tie it to the top one.  Let the broomstick suspend from the upper rod and hang your clothes on that.

2. I have trouble reaching the cords on my window blinds.  One day, while using my back scratcher, I had an idea.  I caught one of the cords with the larger, grooved end of the backscratcher and pulled the blinds quickly shut.

3. I put an over the door rack on my bathroom door, but I couldn’t reach it to hang stuff.  I took it down and hung it on the towel bar.  You can hang it on the shower curtain rod, too!

4. I had a really tough time reaching the faucet in my kitchen.  I decided I needed to extend the faucet handle.  I used a wooden spoon and duct taped it to the handle.  Use decorative duct tape if you are creative.

5. If getting a refrigerator with an ice and water dispenser on the door is not an option, you can buy a water dispenser with a spigot.  They come long and slim and fit well in the refrigerator. Put it on the middle rack to access it easily.

6. If you need to drink water frequently, have water bottles or containers placed at your major work and play areas.  That way, you don’t have to carry water around with you. Hands are busy when you’re propelling a Jazzy.

7. In the bathroom, you need good security bars by the toilet and in the shower. Have them installed by someone who knows what he is doing.

8. Keep your toilet paper supply in a spot where you can reach it from the toilet. If you have trouble reaching the sink to wash your hands, keep a hand sanitizer by the toilet.

9. Brushing your teeth can be a problem if you can’t reach the sink.  I put a hand towel down at the edge of the sink and then aim and spit.

10. Showering, of course, is a big challenge. If you have a walk in shower it is a lot easier. But, you can buy a seat that extends out over the tub. You sit on it outside the shower and scoot on it until you are in the shower. A hand held sprayer also helps.

11. Get a reacher.  They are readily available at medical supply stores. They are handy for grabbing stuff out of the cupboard or off the floor. Be careful, though, that you do not pull anything down on top of yourself.

12. I have a lot of cords by my bed.  It can be tricky getting around them. I have often tripped on them or got them caught under the Jazzy. I happened one day to find a small hat rack in a thrift store.  It looked like it was for a child, but the height was perfect for me.  I hung all the cords on it.

Article submitted by Carol McNairy Wight, a resident at the Treeo senior living community in Orem, Utah. Treeo is a new line of communities aimed at middle income seniors who are looking for a smart, modern and connected way of living. Treeo communities are operated and managed by Leisure Care. The second one is opening in nearby South Ogden, Utah soon. To learn more, visit

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