Multiple types of flagpoles you can select from

Updated on August 20, 2021

Gone are the days when flagpoles were used only for occasions! Today, you can use this as a part of your external home decor. It will let people know about your choices regarding your sports team or any spiritual symbol that you love to showcase. If yours is a business house, you can hoist your corporate logo at the top of your building or close to the gateway. Additionally, you can also use these flags for product launches and special events like car rallies and walking marathons. Each event needs a different type of flagpole and there are different residential and commercial flagpole for sale.

Every homeowner has a different taste and needs about flagpoles! Even business owners have a particular thought for their brand promotion and advertisement. For this, it is essential to know the multiple flagpole types. To know more on this and even make a purchase you can check out the Poles Flag for Sale online. 

Different types of flagpoles

Telescoping flagpoles

It is one of the best options when you want to use it for seasonal flagging! If you wish to sport the logo of the state government, your favorite hockey team or any new age symbol that you prefer, then it’s apt for your home or farmhouse. It is stable and comes with minimal upkeep.

Military flagpoles

As the name suggests, the military flagpole usually is placed centrally to an army complex or event space. It signifies the loyalty soldiers and others should have for their nation. You can’t raise an army flagpole atop a foreign soil. Hence, when these flags get hoisted on a pole overseas, it denotes a secure abode for the country people. To signify the force in authority, these flagpoles come with a jack staff, where you can fly the unit flags and visiting dignitary flags.

Marching flagpoles 

It is generally the flag bearers who get the marching poles. Usually, they provide ample support to the pole by simply resting the pool foot, in the mid-thigh region. 

Ceremonial flagpoles 

The use of ceremonial flagpoles is temporary, based on a special event. You can remove the installation once the event or special occasion is over. 

Indoor flagpoles

The height of indoor flagpoles is generally between six and eight feet! Usually, it gets quickly fit inside the permanent holders. Also, you can install the indoor flagpoles at a particular angle. It will enable the flag to drape beautifully and showcase all the bright colors and create a stunning visual effect. 

Residential flagpoles

You can generally place a residential flagpole vertically close to a garden. Some people even prefer the roof. You can fix the flag or keep it atop a lanyard. Also, you can lower and raise the flag the way you wish. When it’s dark, it’s a smart call to lighten up the flag. 

Street flagpoles

Generally, the street flagpoles make use of or get attached to certain parts of street lamps and street furniture.  Usually, these are horizontal and hang in a vertical motion, being completely unfurled. 

These are some of the popular types of flagpoles that you need to learn about! It helps you understand your requirement better and get one customized for you. Research on the online suppliers to compare the features and price details, to get the one that is apt for you. 


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