Moving to a Retirement Residence: Items That Will Make the Transition Easier

Updated on December 5, 2019

Now that you’ve decided that a move to a retirement community is the right choice for you or your loved one, there are a number of items you may consider packing to help make this transition easier. Making a list of necessary items will make the move easier by keeping you organized and providing comfort along the way.

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Clothing, Accessories & Linens

Moving to a retirement residence can often mean you’ll be downsizing, making it a great time to sort through your current wardrobe. This can present a great opportunity to clean out clothes that no longer fit or that simply no longer spark that proverbial joy. Also take the time to sort through accessories, including purses and jewelry to re-discover some old favourites and donate those that you feel you won’t use anymore. Be mindful to bring items that are well-loved to celebrate this new chapter. 

While basic linens, such as bedding and towels, are typically provided by the residence, you or your loved one may find it beneficial to pack some personal linens. This can be comforting and help with the transition of moving to a new home. This is also a great opportunity to spend time redecorating your new space with blankets or quilts, and decorative pillows to add comfort, style and colour. With the holiday season fast approaching, it can be a great time to pick up some new furnishings and décor for your new space. 

Personal Care Items & Favourite Things

Moving to a new space is also a great time to ensure you and your loved one stock up on favourite personal care items, such as soap, shampoo, lotion and even toothpaste. Pack a few month’s worth of these items, including toiletries and prescriptions, while also remembering to get rid of any old prescriptions. The scents of many of these products can be extremely useful, as familiar scents can often evoke feelings of comfort.

Other favourite items to consider can include:

  • Newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  • Books, if you or your loved one are avid readers. Consider including a few page-turners on the bedside table, or invest in audiobooks on CDs, a computer or MP3 player to take up less space. 
  • A labeled tote or bin of supplies for favourite arts and crafts, like knitting, crocheting or painting. 
  • Favourite works of art or posters to display on the wall or framed on a bedside or console table. Also consider family photos, which can be displayed on a bulletin board, in a scrapbook or photo album, uploaded to a digital photo frame, or displayed as a collage on the wall. 

Tech & Electronics

Technology can be a great form of entertainment and certain technology plays a key role in helping to keep you or your loved one connected to family and friends. If your new residence doesn’t have a television, consider purchasing a small TV and even a DVD or Blu-Ray player to enjoy favourite shows and movies. If you or your loved one will have a roommate, purchasing headphones is a great idea to refrain from disturbing anyone. 

Knowing what to pack and making a list can make the transition into a retirement residence easier by keeping everyone involved in this move organized, and providing comfort to all parties involved. Seasons Retirement Communities strives to make the transition into retirement community easy and comfortable for seniors and their families. Check out their website to find a residence nearest you, or give them a call to learn more about the options available to you and your family.

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