Most Popular Flower Arrangements for Funerals

Updated on October 27, 2021
Most Popular Flower Arrangements for Funerals

Losing someone near and dear to you is a challenging emotional battle. An effective way to show your support is delivering a sympathy bouquet to the immediate family of the bereaved. These most popular flower arrangements for funerals are some possibilities.


Lilies are safe bets for any funeral arrangement due to their scent and meaning. Specifically, the white lily is a popular choice due to its symbolism of sympathy and purity. Another popular flower in this group is the peace lily, which implies a rebirth. Additionally, the peace lily can live indoors, and it lasts longer than the average flower.


Daisies are popular choices for funerals because there are several options to signify one’s feelings for the departed, making it easy for one to find the perfect daisy that shows their sympathy. Specific types of daisies say farewell, while others represent cheerfulness, love, and innocence.


We often see the dropping of a rose on a casket in cinema. Roses are acceptable for any funeral service. The general meaning behind the rose is respect and love, making it the ideal flower to show your empathy. As with the daisy, you may choose a certain color of rose based on your relationship with the deceased; red means a strong love, and yellow represents friendship.


Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, are just beautiful. These flowers look like cheerleaders’ pom-poms, filling out a lovely bouquet to indicate your compassion.


The orchid might stand out from the crowd of funeral arrangements due to its uniqueness and elegance. The most common orchids are pink and white, but they also come in many other colors, each having a particular significance.


Carnations aren’t just popular around high school formals; they’re also commonly used for funerals. They’re fashionable choices because of the numerous color options you can select. They also act as great supporting flowers to others such as lilies and roses. Lastly, carnations might be cheaper options than the more extravagant bouquets.

Selecting from the most popular flower arrangements for funerals may be trendy, but it allows for some simple decisions during a time in which you might not be thinking clearly. Therefore, keep it simple and choose the colors that best represent your feelings for your lost loved one.

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