Missing Teeth- Explore Your Treatment Options

Updated on August 6, 2021
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A healthy set of teeth goes beyond giving you a beautiful smile. It is also essential to maintain good overall health. Even the most minor dental problems like cavities, discoloration, and bleeding gums can hamper the quality of life. The bigger ones, such as missing teeth, can be even more problematic. You cannot chew well, and speaking becomes difficult when you suffer from this issue. You may lose your self-esteem because of aesthetic concerns. Fortunately, the improvement in dental technologies has opened several solutions to address the issue. Here are the treatment options you can explore.  

Fixed bridge

Essentially, a bridge covers the gap between single or multiple missing teeth. A fixed bridge treatment requires several trips to the dental clinic. The dentist customizes the bridge and fits it in the right location, which can take time. Once the treatment is complete, the bridge appears, feels, and functions just like natural teeth. You need not remove it for cleaning, and neither do you have to spend a massive sum on this option.

Resin-retained bridge

Besides a fixed dental bridge, you can consider a resin-retained one. The dentist attaches it to the neighboring teeth on both sides of the missing teeth. It is a much less invasive option and works well for missing front teeth because they do not have to ensure a lot of pressure. The fixed one is better for the teeth that do the chewing work. It costs less but is also less durable. 

Dental implants

Dental practitioners across the US prefer the advanced option of implants these days. It is a surgical procedure that places and fuses a replacement tooth root with the jawbone. Implants replicate natural teeth and last for years without requiring repair or replacement. Moreover, you can easily find a specialist for dental implants in NJ if you live in this part of the country. The surgery may cost a tad more, but it pays for itself in the long run.

Removable partial denture

If you want a traditional option, a removable partial denture is an ideal one. It comprises replacement teeth for a section of missing ones. You can expect them to look and function as normal, but they can give you some discomfort after prolonged use. Additionally, they are less durable than a bridge or implant. The upside of this treatment option is its cost-effectiveness and ease to repair in the event of damage. 

Removable complete denture

While a partial denture replaces a small section of missing teeth, a complete one covers a larger number. The procedure can be fairly invasive, and your dentist will recommend it only if you have multiple missing teeth. The frequency of dental clinic visits will be more than with partial dentures. But the option scores well on the aesthetic and functional fronts. However, you cannot wear them 24 hours a day because they are uncomfortable.

The choice between these options depends on your requirements, expectations, and budget. Implants make a good one if you want a solution that lasts, so they are worth their price. 

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