Measuring Marketing ROI: Are you doing it right?

Updated on May 13, 2020

ROI, I am sure that you must have come across this word hundreds or even thousands of times. ROI is one of the crucial calculations in the business world, and you need to know the best ways to do it correctly. Without measuring ROI appropriately, your efforts are vague. Every business must understand the concept of ROI and why it matters.  

As marketing personnel, if you have not yet measured your ROI, then it is high time to do it. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it correctly. We, with the help of our guide today, will tell you how to do it in the best possible way. Know the ins and outs of measuring marketing ROI appropriately.  

What is the ROI?  

Return on Investment or ROI is simply the amount of money that you make after financing something. ROI is very popular in today’s marketing efforts, and it is the amount of money that you generate from your marketing efforts. It generally depends on the amount you expend to bring in revenue to your business.  

Higher-end tools are mostly required by businesses so that they can efficiently market their products.  

The amount of money that you like to spend depends on what you want to achieve. You pay on social media and google ads online. The amount of money spent becomes a part of your total money spent on marketing. 

Choosing channels for marketing 

When you have just started to market, you cannot afford just to spend wildly, since you will soon run out of cash this way. Choosing and identifying the marketing channels suiting your niche is recommended. You need to move slowly in the beginning and by testing different mediums to check what works for you. We are sure that you will come up with specific channels and may discover new ones as well.  

You can also start writing blogs, post on social media, record videos, host live webinars, and do much more. All these efforts do not require extra payment. Hence, you will not have to worry about exceeding the spending limit. You can also manage and calculate your ROI effectively. 

Challenges faced while measuring ROI 

Several companies struggle to measure ROI. Well, it is not simple maths that you can do by grabbing a calculator; instead, while calculating, you need to consider several factors. Keep in mind to always narrow down the period for which you measure your ROI. Since this metric keeps revolving and it is not fixed.  

You can also try measuring your ROI for the long term and short term. Next, you will have to determine the elements that constitute ROI, whether it is Gross Revenue, Net Revenue, the lifetime value of a customer, or average sales price. Pick one of the most robust metrics related to your business.  

The measurement procedure may get tricky sometimes, but you need to narrow down the elements that matter to you the most. This way, you can come up with an appropriate ROI based on what matters to your business the most.  

What influences total ROI?  

Comprise every marketing channel that you choose to calculate ROI. If you are leaving out a platform, the chances are that you can miss out on important information that can help improve your marketing efforts. Moreover, it is also possible that you may rethink spending money on specific strategies that are not helping.  

Let us take an example; if a particular marketing channel is not generating revenue and overeating of your time, you will feel distressed. Rather than wasting energy and resources on something that is not producing fruitful results, you can try switching tactics.  

Don’t forget that marketing reaps maximum benefits when you calculate ROI and keep track of it. Advertising is a part of marketing; hence, consider its results as well.  

How to track your marketing performance?  

You can track your performance with the help of several powerful platforms floating online. They provide analytics related to almost all your customers. With the help of data, you can calculate your total spend and ROI. It is one of the best ways to conclude which marketing channel is working best for you.  

Measure other related information to conclude better. Generation of heat maps, measuring engagement levels and rates, observing the view count on your videos, and more will help you understand better.  


ROI is not simple. We are not scaring you, but several elements and factors influence your marketing ROI. They are variables, distinct equations, and formulas. Imply s formula to know the rate of ROI. The higher the rate, the better the ROI. Start with spending on marketing channels that drive revenue. Gradually, with time, you will understand which channels are beneficial and are working for you.  Spend more time and money on them to reap maximum benefits.  

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