Long Term Investments: The Basic Necessity To A Stress-Free Old Age

Updated on April 8, 2020

As Australia becomes older in age profile, it is time to understand the investment strategy of older adults. Even if you are in your late 40s, and early 50s, you should consider investing for your old age as soon as possible. If you are in the late 20s and early 30s, then nothing better. 

There are a few reasons why long term investments are necessary for a stress-free old age.

1. Your job is not permanent. If you continue working until retirement, your life savings may not be enough to sustain you in old age. Start investing now.

2. Some investments, particularly in stocks, take time to give a decent yield, Returns in stock markets are much dependent on the performance of companies, so if you want a steady revenue stream in the future, invest now. 

3. You should also invest now so that your health and medical expenses are taken care of by them in the future. Healthcare can become extremely expensive for you in your old age. While there are some other reasons for long term investments, the above ones are more important.

Let’s look at a few investment options for your old age.

1. Medical cover

Your health and medical costs are going to reach high levels when you reach your 70s. What have you done regarding that? We’d suggest that you invest in some excellent medical insurance policies available in the market. These would take care of your hospital and medical expenses in your old age. Start now by paying a nominal premium for your health cover. 

2. Stock markets

It would be a great idea to invest in the stocks of some outstanding companies. You may consider investing in consumer companies that make products for people like you and us. Some companies offer dividends to their stockholders. If you want a regular income stream in your old age, consider investing in stock markets.

3. Bullion

Investing in bullion markets makes excellent sense for all those who want to spend a long term. The term ‘bullion’ means gold and silver. There are broadly three reasons why you can consider investing in bullion. 

– Gold is a universal currency, much like a dollar. If you hold the right quantities of gold, you are considered prosperous.

– Gold and silver jewellery can take care of inflation. If the value of your assets like your house, investments, etc. is declining, your bullion will keep you afloat. 

– Gold and silver also come into play when the value of the U.S dollar is falling. Many of the investments are tied to the value of the U.S dollar so consider buying some bullion to save your money. Buying gold and silver is as easy is buying your grocery; click this website to know more. 

4. Invest in a house

Average home rentals in Australia are rising sharply. If you are living in rented accommodation, consider purchasing in a house now. The earlier you buy a house; lower will be your mortgage. Use your mortgage payments to offset your tax liabilities. 

5. Open a savings account now

Having a bank savings account is not an investment per se, but its little interest will keep you safe in times of need. You can also dip into these savings in emergencies like hospitalization, etc. These days it is straightforward to open a savings bank account online. 

6. Fixed Deposits

You can deposit some money for a fixed period and get an assured return. This interest will help you in your old age. Fixed deposits and savings accounts are quite safe because the government protects them. 

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