Lightweight Women’s E-Bike

Updated on December 30, 2022
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An eBike doesn’t have to be gendered to be for men or women. The most important part is that it has to be a vehicle that feels just right for you, regardless of gender. But usually, bikes with step-through frames are considered to be for women. This separation is only virtual — in reality, many people prefer U-frames for convenience.

We gave a new U-frame eBike model a try and were impressed by its comfort.

Enter the Delfast California ‒ smart, fun, and easy-to-use eBike.

What we loved

You’ll realize how comfy the ride is as soon as you go through the sleek U-frame. The seamless gear changes the strong yet silent mid-drive motor offers are perfect. For people with high tactile sensitivity, this one is definitely for you. Additionally, you can make adjustments while riding by using an app and a display of the onboard computer, which is, frankly, never the odd thing. This model gave off the impression that it was created with ease of use in mind, maybe even for inexperienced riders.

The fact that an electric bike with a battery large enough for a 100-mile range only weighs 66 pounds is quite astonishing. The battery and mid-drive motor are mounted in the middle of the step-through frame, creating a balanced ride.

We’ve already addressed the vehicle’s brain, the onboard computer. You scarcely even realize that it is there since everything runs so smoothly. The onboard computer displays the battery and drive status, light controls, and many other essential components of the ride. All of them are under your control with a single finger touch. 

What about safety and power?

This eBike is almost faultless in terms of safety: it has a Bluetooth alarm system, remote-control immobilizer, and GPS tracker, among other things. All of these add to your confidence during the ride. 

The U-frame can appear small and frail. It is firm and ready for terrain difficulty because it is made of hard steel. The balanced frame and mid-drive motor make it clear that this electric bike can take you through any terrain.

The best women’s electric bike for commuting is the eBike you don’t have to worry about running out of battery. The replaceable lithium-ion battery in this eBike has a relatively quick charge time and can carry you for up to 100 miles at a speed of 20 mph. Without worrying about its weight or locating the closest charging station, the battery can easily be removed from the frame and charged.

Delfast California, a Class 3 electric bike, is the perfect example of mobility. It boasts a highly adaptable pedal-assist system with five operating modes that make it simple to change the speed of your eBike and the amount of pedaling required.

Overall, it’s yet another of Delfast’s strong, intelligent, and adaptable designs. Perfect for ladies and anybody who loves lightweight, step-through frames for their eBikes.

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