Learn about manual therapy for general awareness

Updated on March 23, 2020

Manual therapy is a unique treatment procedure in physical therapy. In this process, the professionals use their hands instead of any machine or tool to create pressure on muscles and align joints so that the patients can feel relieved from back pain caused by dysfunctional joints, or tensed or spasmatic muscles. This technique is not new in the realm of physiotherapy. Those who have expertise in this can use their hands in specific speed and motion to create the desired impact on the patients’ health. For example, it can reduce pain, soft tissue swelling, inflammation, and so on. 

Any manual therapy includes three main aspects. Of them, one is the physiological impact where the focus remains on generating a positive placebo effect. Another effect can occur in the biomechanical and physical area where tissue manipulation and repairing becomes the highlight. Finally, it also creates a psychological impact in terms of pain relief.

Types of manual therapy

There can be different forms of manual therapy that an expert can advise a patient based on their medical history and report. It can consist of traction, massage, lymph drainage, stretching, active release techniques, trigger point therapy, and others. Joint manipulation and mobilisation also belong to this. In this technique, the person can apply continuous passive pressure to the affected joints for the alleviation of pain.

Benefits of manual therapy

When you meet a licensed physiotherapist Guelph, you can expect him or her to offer a wide range of health benefits. Of them, relief from acute and chronic back pain is the most significant. If you are having mobility issues due to musculoskeletal conditions, you can seek this healthcare treatment for redemption. Specific musculoskeletal problems can affect your posture, movement, and function. But manual physical therapy can restore your mobility by releasing tension from the muscles and joints so that you can gain your natural flow with no pain. So, if you are facing chronic back pain due to sacroiliac joint dysfunction or acute backache resulting from soft tissue injuries, it would help if you saw a physiotherapist.

Plus, it is a non-invasive procedure as it involves the use of hands-on techniques on the patient’s body to examine his condition and symptoms. Hence, if you don’t want to undergo surgery, you can depend on it for recovery and healing. However, it’s critical to remember that only an experienced professional can tell you to what extent you can expect it to provide results in your case.

Another reason why this technique can be more suitable for you is its cost-effectiveness. It can treat your lower back and shoulder pain and mobility issues at affordable charges compared to other alternatives. Then, in some cases, it can provide immediate relief also.

Hence, if you are in pain due to injury or anything else, don’t allow it to linger for long. You can drop in at a nearby reputable physiotherapy clinic for assistance. Some pains, when not treated on time, can grow intense and affect the quality of your life. Before your health deteriorates to such an extent, get medical attention.


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