Knee Replacement Surgery: Post Operative Care for Healthy Recovery 

Updated on March 23, 2021
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A knee replacement surgery is a major operation and the after care requires a lot of strict do’s and don’ts to follow. Although recuperating properly could seem very challenging, with the right set of instructions and following your doctor’s advice recovery can be very easy and quick. This article is all about taking the right post operative care for your knees for a recovery that helps you to stay clear of complications and any subsequent problems later in life.

Right Diet
Without the proper nutrition, the body can take a really long time to heal back and come back to its original fit shape. Hence, it is very important that you take all the right foods to accentuate your healing in a speedy way. Your meal should be balanced and as you may need more calcium to let your bones strengthen themselves up, you should increase your intake of dairy products that are rich in calcium like milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. Eating fortified foods like seeds, tofu and rice would also help you to meet your nutritional requirements. Dark green and leafy vegetables should also be a necessary part of your diet like broccoli, kale, spinach, etc.

Proper Medication and Wound Care
With the right food, it is only fitting that you are maintaining your schedule of medication and proper wound care around the area of the surgery to prevent any infections. For the medicines to have their maximum effect, you must take them as routinely as prescribed. Also, keep monitoring the progress thus made which will help you to gauge your improvements and see if you need to have them renewed or modified.

Regular Orthopedic Check Up
Having a regular orthopedic check up with your team of doctors will help to see exactly how your progress has been faring since the day of your surgery. Sometimes, post operation, there are a lot of unforeseen circumstances which if not consulted with the doctor right away, may lead to problems. If you ever search for “the best orthopedic care”, you will know that the treatment plans are directed to help avoid all kinds of complications to alleviate any future issues. Thus, keeping up with a routine evaluation also helps your doctor to ascertain the exact stage of recovery for further prognosis.

Light Physical Exercises
After the surgery, your body may take its time to heal back on its own to its previous shape. And what may help along the way are doing some light physical exercises, which should be definitely consulted with your physician first. Physiotherapy and slight muscle workouts help to ease soreness and cramps, and can even help you relive some amount of the post surgical pain.

Recuperating after having a knee replacement surgery is very important to avoid any kind of problems in the future later. Thus, along with the above stated, it is also important that you sleep well, take care of yourself well and keep yourself engaged in for a better mental health. We wish you good luck in recovering well.

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