Keeping Baby Boomers Mobile

Updated on February 21, 2018

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As they slowly enter their retirement age, still doing their best to stay socially integrated into their communities and travel the world, the generation of Boomers is experiencing numerous difficulties in their transitioning years. From using public transportation, keeping their bodies as nimble and healthy as possible, to continually sharpening their cognitive skills, seniors of the world are facing many challenges to remain as wholesomely mobile as ever.

So, what can our rapidly changing society do to make the switch easier, safeguarding Boomers’ health without putting too many restrictions on their mobility? And what can you do to stay active in every sense of the word and lead a lifestyle that supports and protects your vigor?

Being a Boomer

They are the most numerous part of the world’s population right alongside Millennials, born after the end of WWII, and they have been exposed to so many digital and technological advancements during their lives that they thrive on change. Considered as one of the most adaptable generations despite their senior status, they also do their best to make the most of their retirement, hence their need for affordable travel options, and maintaining their independence and mobility in all aspects of life.

Those Boomers who aren’t focused on taking care of elderly parents or other family members are increasingly opting for various retirement house plans in order to be closer to their peers, and have better access to favorite pastime activities and medical care. Simply put, staying active and engaged is their priority no matter the financial or physical circumstances of their existence, making them a crucial factor in designing new ways to provide them with more mobility options across the board.

Agile minds on a fixed income

Despite being famous as the most industrious generation that’s also open to new ideas and harbors entrepreneurial tendencies in these competitive times, a staggering 45% of US Boomers report having no retirement savings. That means that their quality of life solely depends on Social Security income mixed with their fixed retirement rates, which even combined cannot afford the lifestyle they are used to, especially with the costs of living slowly rising all over the globe.

That is why more Boomers are opting to keep working well beyond retirement, and if there’s a productive way to help them overcome their financial burdens, that would be to support their business initiatives. Providing them with various skills such as programming, design, even arts and crafts with basic computer knowledge will give them all they need to start their own business, sell their expertise and earn added income while keeping their minds sharp.

A lifestyle of activity

However, as we’re a growingly sedentary species, their deteriorating health and common chronic issues that come with ageing only add to the lack of mobility. In addition to keeping them an active part of their communities, it’s essential that they stay physically active on a daily basis, and follow an exercise routine depending on their abilities and needs.

Introducing activities, group classes, and supervised mobility work will give them a chance to bond, improve their wellbeing and help them manage their chronic issues. Using the stairs, attending regular water-based workouts, walking every day and getting a companion such as a dog to inspire them to be more active can all work to their benefit.

Cost-effective transportation

Many Boomers still drive their cars, but would gladly opt for a safer, more affordable option that will help them stay active, connected to the world and able to have access to various events on a budget. This is a major opportunity both for communities and policymakers to establish new lines of public transportation that are near their homes, more convenient and senior-friendly.

Using technology, mobility aids and better city-wide services, Boomers can make use of many transportation perks designed specifically to accommodate their health and mobility. From driverless cars, better-equipped public vehicles and giving them the opportunity to work remotely will all contribute to finding more ways for Boomers to lead a life of physical and financial independence.

Claire is a personal and professional development expert who believes that a positive attitude is one of the keys to success. She enjoys life to the fullest in the healthiest way possible and loves to share her insights into lifestyle, parenting, education, and entrepreneurship. Feel free to reach her on Facebook and Twitter.

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