Keep Senior Citizens Safe at Home with these Plumbing Tips

Updated on June 23, 2021

If you have a loved one who is or already has entered their golden years, you may want to start thinking about doing the necessary plumbing and home improvements to ensure the home is kept safe and remains easily accessible. The majority of senior citizens prefer to remain in a home they love living in and worked so hard for all their entire life. You can make use of innovative plumbing ideas by local plumbers to keep senior citizens safe at home.

Toilet Technology

With advancements in technology, smart toilets are now available and they have various features for safety, ease of use, and for ensuring cleanliness. Consider toilets that are at a higher sit level than ordinary toilets because they are more accessible and tend to lower the risk of falls. Besides, some toilets have nightlights to ensure the safety of users at night. Bidet features are a desirable alternative for seniors who have trouble maintaining personal hygiene because of limited mobility. Pressure control, a heated dry unit, and water heating help to properly clean after toilet use. Toilets are also fitted with motion sensors to allow seats to automatically open and close without contact and users can also activate other features such as no-touch flushing whenever desired.

Touchless Plumbing Applications

The older people get the easier they want work to be because they lack the energy to perform certain tasks. Touchless faucets can be helpful in the bathroom and kitchen as they allow easy access and help to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs in these areas. Touchless faucets that use a pressure sensor placed strategically to sense the right motion are a good investment for senior citizens. Innovative touchless faucets can also feature water flow functions for easy control of water pressure to desired levels. They may have specialized settings for easy flow and water temperature control. Touchless soap dispensers also make it easy to use soap with a lesser risk of spreading bacteria through touch.

Walk-In Tubs

Traditional bathtubs and showers bear a fall risk for the elderly with limited mobility and health issues. On the other hand, a walk-in bathtub can be a wiser investment because it can enhance the bathing experience for seniors. It also provides a spa-like bathing experience and may contain jets to help soothe sore muscles and arthritic joints.

Grab Bars

Another great safety feature is a grab bar. Grab bars can be used without the walk-in tub and can be available near the tub, toilet, or anywhere else. They provide individuals with mobility challenges with a surface they can firmly grab or hold onto as they get up from a toilet seat or step out of a bathtub.

Water Filtration Systems

For healthier homes and much safer drinking water, seniors need a great water filtration system. Point-of-use water filtration systems have also been recognized as a safe water option. Installing these in homes can help keep senior citizens safe.

So, with several ways to keep senior citizens safe at home using a wide range of plumbing ideas, it is up to you to decide what you can use and what might not work. However, you can always consult a professional plumber to help you make that decision.

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