Jumpsuits – All You Need to Know About This Wardrobe Staple

Updated on February 22, 2020
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By Maria Cetra

Did you know that the jumpsuit we now know started in 1919 as a parachuter’s garment? They also made onesie suits for women who were in charge of burning coal in the armoury during the Second World War. Although the jumpsuit was initially made for working women, everything changed in the 1930s when a female fashion designer decided to create a one-piece look meant for wealthy women. Decades later, it has evolved into a chic, one-piece women’s garment. 

Why wear it?

Women across the globe have different fashion styles. But most of them agree that you can wear rompers, jumpsuits, and playsuits at any time, whatever the occasion because of its comfortability. You can move freely without compromising a peek into the fathoms of your femininity. When you wear the best jumpsuit, you feel like you’re the best around.

How do you wear it?

Anyone can wear a jumpsuit. But it is best to be aware of your body type before trying one on. Specific fashion rules are still applicable to these types of women’s wear

  • If you have a pear-shaped body, a monochrome black jumpsuit can make you look slimmer while highlighting the sexiness of your hips. 
  • Someone with an apple-shaped body type can opt for a sleeveless suit with a flowing pant leg. 
  • A baggy, printed pantsuit can look great on everyone. But if you are a bit short and petite, it is highly recommended first to try it on because you might get lost in the suit due to too much fabric. 
  • A layered jumpsuit can work wonders for a woman blessed with an hourglass form. Look for a suit that is waist-cinching to accentuate your figure. 
  • Petites can go for a bare necked look. A white, strapless playsuit is a perfect clothing option for work or play.
  • A strapless, high necked halter jumpsuit is best suited for triangle-shaped body types.
  • Off-shoulder or collar bone-revealing jumpsuits suit any body type. 
  • Are you feeling adventurous and sexy? V-neck rompers and playsuits can show some cleavage.
  • Wear it with accessories and other independent fabric for a more stylish look. Belts and solid block necklaces can put a bit of colour in monochromes. The right bag and shoes will also add the perfect accent to the look you are trying to achieve. Wear a scarf to break up the colour. A blazer is a must if you want to switch from a formal evening party to a nightcap with officemates or friends.

When do you wear it?

In today’s world, versatility is the name of the game. It looks professional enough for boardroom meetings, yet is comfortable enough to wear even when just doing errands. It radiates a formal touch for an evening date. It makes you feel young and hip because it emanates a carefree style. It can be form-fitting or slightly flowing. It flatters any body type and comes in a wide variety of designs. Floral patterns are perfect during summer. Solid colours are more corporate looking and thought of as an excellent intimidation technique for workforce colleagues. Wearing one can make you look sporty during a leisure activity such as hiking, walking, or bowling. Jumpsuits can be worn any day at any time and whenever you feel like it.

All fashion trends come and go. After a brief hiatus, the craze bounces back again. But one thing is sure. No matter the decade, having the best jumpsuit in your wardrobe means you’ll always have something that will never go out of style. 


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