Jonah Engler on Top Mental Wellness Tips for Senior Citizens

Updated on August 18, 2021

Although one can feel down now and then, more severe problems like depressive disorders might become common once elderly people are lonely and isolated. Depression happens to be a lot more than experiencing sadness; it is a disease that can have severe physical effects on your general health. During these times of the pandemic, you need to take better care of your senior members, as stated by

In addition to depression symptoms, approximately 20% of individuals who are more than 55 years of age are afflicted by mental health issues such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, cognition problems, and so on. Fortunately, it is possible to improve the mental health of seniors. Here are several ways, according to Jonah Engler, to get this done perfectly. 

1. Enjoy Mind Games

Your brain demands stimulation for staying focused and avoiding cognitive decline while you age, just like your body which requires physical activity as well as excitement for staying healthy. Any kind of activity which helps to keep your mind engaged contributes to the health of your brain; however, amongst the most typical activities for elderly people mention may be made of the following:

  • Writing and reading: journaling will help you to deal with and also minimize the effects of anxiety and stress
  • Mastering a new vocabulary: learning a new language will exercise areas of the brain which is usually afflicted with maturing
  • Playing any musical instrument: music will help to energize the brain and will also improve memory in mature adults struggling with dementia and Alzheimer’s 
  • Playing games and puzzles: enjoying oneself, being active, and challenging the human brain can have several intellectual benefits

2. Remain Associated with Friends

Anyone can find it tough to maintain close interactions with old buddies, particularly as they grow older because of distance and time. For older people, maintaining relationships with important individuals can aid in staving off isolation and feelings of solitude which can result in depression in the long run.

Educate your older buddy or relative on how to stay connected with new as well as old associates on Skype and social media. Or simply inspire them to make a phone call or write letters.

3. Grab a fresh Hobby

Jonah Engler says it is very important to stay active after you retire. Every person has a private wish list of activities as well as dreams which they delay for “one day.” Retirement happens to be an ideal time for elderly people to take out their “bucket list” and go after a long term target, whether it is growing plants, painting, or sewing!

Hobbies such as shadow boxes aid in increasing the brain’s neuroplasticity, transforming the structure as well as the function of the brain while activated through the replication of viewing them. As fresh connections are established and neuronal connections are strengthened people suffering from dementia feel encouraged and comforted to a great extent.

4. Ensure that you are ingesting properly 

Your diet controls your mind to a considerable degree. Ensure that you are receiving the proper vitamins, vegetables, or fruits in what you eat. A balanced diet will enable you to handle your mind perfectly, and it will be possible to keep your mind healthy consistently. 

5. Ensure that your medications don’t impact your mind adversely

Medicines are normal for people who are getting older. For that reason, one should monitor the side effects which might happen. Some medicines might even hurt your mind or cause distress, and in case that happens, confer with your doctor regarding it. They value your mental health along with your physical health, thus it can play a massive role in your general health and wellbeing. Consult with your medical professional regarding any medical issues that you might be having. 

6. Jonah Engler advises becoming physically active

From taking frequent strolls to ballroom dancing with your favorite Latin dress from and yoga classes, physical activities as well as workouts are excellent for your mind as well as your body by increasing self-assurance and minimizing the chance of falling, for instance. Getting sufficient workout and remaining active is extremely vital for senior psychological health and the wellbeing of the older adults out there.

Low-impact workouts such as strength training as well as stretching are essential to help elderly people remain healthy and also minimize the possibility of typical age-related issues such as joint pain, bone fractures, along with other long-term ailments. Besides the physical advantages, workouts can likewise aid in managing anxiety, stress, as well as depressive disorders in elderly people, which is often as damaging to elderly health as physical conditions and traumas.

7. Looking after a Pet

It is also possible for the animals to keep mature adults busy and active by offering their company along the way with their wholehearted love. Helping out at an animal shelter will likewise be a great way to interact with animals in case you do not have a pet of your own.

8. Get Sufficient Sleep

Proper slumber is vital, particularly for older adults since their sleep requires modification; because with age people tend to sleep lightly and they need more sleep for getting sufficient rest. Sleeping enhances focus, memory development, and will also recover damage to any cell, thus refreshing the immune system of the body in general.

9. Consider Technology for staying in Touch

A normal part of the schedule of an elderly person can be sending emails, messages, and images to family and friends. Remaining in touch on social network sites like Instagram and Facebook can likewise avoid social solitude for the seniors, particularly when their kids might reside in a different nation.

10. Return to School

It is essential to keeping your brain challenged for improving mental health. While you age, so does your brain. Retirement is also the time when you can grab subjects of interest for studying which you perhaps did not have earlier. It could be a new language, computer class, pottery, and so on.


The above-mentioned tips by Jonah will probably help a lot of people to lead a cheerful and satisfying life. Nevertheless, further assistance is often required in some cases. In case you are feeling that your capability of coping is decreasing, it will be a good idea to look for professional assistance.


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