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‘We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.’ A new philanthropic-focused brand of JOURNEY bracelets & necklaces, QAN is a fast-growing lifestyle brand is unique, stylish, and has a real, inspiring message behind it. Each QAN® is crafted to represent your unique, personal JOURNEY to #BEtheDream. Life’s JOURNEY is what QAN® represents, and they simply exist to embody this unique, personal JOURNEY while inspiring you to believe in yourself, dream big, and never give up!


Throughout the month of February, QAN donated an additional percentage from all proceeds to help the Black Lives Matter movement & UNCF continue their inspiring missions. ‘Together we rise.’

The QAN® Pendant will guide you along the way, keep you focused on your dream, and remind you that, no matter how difficult life can be, anything is possible. Made of gorgeous, high-quality stone beads and pendant, a custom QAN tag & bag come with each bracelet. 12% of proceeds will be donated to charitable partners as a part of QAN’s #BEtheChange movement to fight inequality, defend human rights, support our youth, and protect dreams.


In addition, QAN has recently officially declared 2 charitable partnerships, one with World Vision® and another with City Year®. Now QAN can directly impact the lives of children through education as well as “bridge the gap” between these students and their true potential. However, QAN is not only directly donating proceeds to these charities but go beyond this by setting up their own charitable projects. They have established the #PeruProject throughout Lima, Peru, where schools will be given additional access to the supplies and materials that are necessary for providing students with an effective education. The goal is to develop this program across Peru and continue to grow / expand these efforts in other developing countries throughout the world.

Gear Beast

Mother’s and Father’s Day are so much more than giving flowers and a card. They’ve become an opportunity to show the people you love you care about their everyday needs. It can be difficult to select a gift for someone that already has everything, especially something that they’ll really use. With Gear Beast’s new Smartphone Lanyards you can give the gift of peace of mind, as your loved one will never lose or misplace their phone again.