Is virtual reality the future of gambling?

Updated on January 27, 2021

If you haven’t jumped on the virtual reality bandwagon yet, now is most certainly the time to do so as technology is rapidly progressing to make VR games the ultimate gambling experience for players who love exceptional graphics at Slots Racer. Taking a look back at when virtual reality technology first stepped on the scene, it didn’t have the immediate popularity the industry was expecting. You might be surprised to know that VR technology has been around for quite some time, but the graphics were just never really up to scratch and therefore couldn’t compete with the exceptional experience offered by video slots and 3D slots.

However, VR in 2020 onwards will be like a whole new world for players to immerse themselves in…

More virtual reality casinos than ever before 

VR is constantly evolving, but the pace has been kicked up a notch when merged with the technology, reach and popularity of social media. VR is completely transforming the online casino industry as a whole and even more, many more casinos are starting to make the transition to offering virtual reality games like VR slots. Players can enjoy VR games and slots from VR casinos and can play their favourite casino games including card games and roulette in addition to slots in a whole new way.

Players can be a VR social butterfly 

One of the main reasons players choose to play in land-based casinos rather than playing online, which is a lot more convenient for most, is because they relish in the social aspect of playing in a real casino. It has always been a big challenge for online casinos to bridge the gap between the social buzz and ambient atmosphere offered by land-based with the online casino world. VR is quickly becoming the perfect way to bridge this gap and offer players a sociable and immersive experience from the comfort and convenience of their own home. Sites like BoomtownBingo offers a wide variety of online games that includes a real online casino VR experience.

Once players step into the VR casino, they will be able to choose their avatar which they will use to interact with other players as well as the dealer. Players can look out of the casino window, take a stroll around the casino floor, chat to other players at the bar and with sophisticated technology, there are increasing ways players can play out social scenarios with their avatars in the VR casinos.

What the future holds for VR 

The future, as gambling has taught every player, is unpredictable. While we can’t be sure exactly what the future holds for VR, we can be pretty certain that as technology progress and designers spend more time constructing the digital realm for players to immerse themselves in, the future for VR will be extremely exciting! In the future, VR casinos and games will become more akin to real-life with realistic graphics and even more interactions made possible. It may even be possible in the near future for players to take a VR trip around some of the biggest casino destinations in the world, taking a trip to casinos in Las Vegas or Macau and exploring the Vegas Strip.


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