Is Toddler Formula Better Than Whole Milk?

Updated on January 12, 2023

Many years ago, parents didn’t have many alternatives to offer to their newborns. A mother chooses between breastfeeding and cow’s milk. The choice was more difficult for parents who couldn’t breastfeed because of health problems or gender inability. Today, nobody doubts the necessity of infant formula for non-breastfeeding parents, but what about toddler formula? Is organic toddler formula really better than whole milk? Let’s find it out.

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What Is Toddler Formula Made for?

Some parents stop using formulas for toddlers thinking they are old enough to eat solid food. So, a kid eats vegetables, meat, fruit, eggs, and dairy to get the required nutrients. Unfortunately, not all children can adapt to changes quickly and without adverse effects. Such kids need transition food to stay healthy and avoid digestive problems. Moreover, many toddlers still need night feedings. 

In other words, toddler formula helps children get used to a new food without a deficit of macronutrients and micronutrients. Moreover, every organic toddler formula is tested by independent organizations, such as IEFSA or FDA. When they prove the safety of the products, brands get official permission to sell their products at Organic Shops. Their license is an official document confirming the product’s safety. 

Is Whole Milk Safe for Toddlers?

Whole milk is fatty and heavy for a baby’s digestive system. Organic baby food brands skim milk to make it less greasy and hard for a baby’s stomach. Afterward, they change their proteins and create powdered milk for their toddler’s formulas. Consequently, organic toddler formula is specially developed for a kid’s stomach. Due to that, a kid eats formula and milk cereal without bleeding and indigestion. 

Most pediatricians recommend giving whole milk to infants no earlier than they are 12 months old. Until then, it is better to either avoid it or dissolve it in water to decrease the percentage of fat.  

Why Can’t Milk Replace the Toddler Formula?

Parents believe that milk contains healthy fats a baby needs to grow safe and sound. Unfortunately, most stories about milk are fake because this drink does not have omega 3, which is essential for the nervous system. Toddler meals must have a complex of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and DHA. It’s better to obtain Omega 3-6-9 through meals such as fish, walnuts, and soybeans. Milk has omega fats, but their percentage is tiny. 

Milk is rich in Ca, vitamin B, phosphorus, vitamin A, and vitamin D. Parents should introduce this product to kids as the DHA source only if they refuse to eat other products rich in omega fats. Nevertheless, parents can buy reduced fat (2%) or fully skimmed milk (0%). According to the latest research, totally skimmed milk is unhealthy because it is deprived of nutrients. So, baby food brands know how to alter milk to save its healthy components and make formula nutritious.

What is the Difference Between a Toddler Formula and Animal Milk?

It’s better to compare these products by highlighting their pros and cons. 

Advantages Animal milk is easy to get at any store and is usually cheap. It can be from cows and goats. Toddler formula is rich in nutrients, and its shelf life is longer compared to other dairy products. The amount of nutrients is the best per serving, but a parent should pay attention to its labels 1+ or 2+. 
Disadvantages Milk lifespan is short, and the nutritional value is insufficient. Moreover, its smell and taste don’t fit every kid.Toddler formula is more expensive than average milk in the supermarket. Goat toddler formula is available only on the European market. 

As one can see, the toddler formula is adapted to the kid’s needs at a certain period of life. Milk is just a drink that can be served with other food. 

Where to Get Toddlers Formula?

Cows formula is available at average stores, but one can get organic toddler formula only on the European market. American parents can order it at online stores like OrganicsBest. It guarantees fast delivery, safe and tested products, discounts for regular clients, proper packaging, and 100% natural components in every pack. Moreover, the company provides transition packs to let children get used to new meals without side effects. The best brands are Holle, HiPP, LebenswertBio, Löwenzahn, Kendamil, BebeM, Jovie, and Premibio.

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