Is Theming Slots important?

Updated on February 22, 2021

Online slot games come in all shapes and sizes. We have slots with different volatilities, RTP rates and betting limits. These are all nice ways to make a slot game different but the thing that distinguishes slots the most is its theming.

When perusing through an online casino, you will notice that almost every single slot game looks different. That is all down to a slot theming. So, why do we have so many different slot themes and is it really an important feature from an online provider of a slot game.

Eye-catching slot games

One particular reason that developers theme their slot games is to make them stand out. Think about it.

If every slot game was cast against the same backdrop of block colours, it wouldn’t be very visually interesting. You could set the stakes at as high or low as you like but a player will soon get bored of a slot game with anything to keep them visually stimulated.

That is why a slots theming is important.

Quick advertising

It sounds strange on the surface but a slots theming is a good way for a developer to show off what their slot game has to offer in one quick glance.

When looking at a slot game that has cutesy animals dotted about the title screen or reels, you can instantly tell that it will most likely be a less volatile slot or something aimed at beginners. If the slot game has a cleaner look with fruit symbols, you are more likely to have a serious game for players that remember brick and mortar casinos.

These are both sweeping generalisations of course but they do prove my point. A slots theming is a window into what to expect from the gameplay.


It might sound a little self-indulgent but human beings are more drawn toward things that they recognise, to things that they feel comfortable around.

This is why you have so many different slot themes. You can have the exact same slot game in terms of variance and RTP rates only one is themed around football and the other is themed around space. A person that plays football is far more likely to pick the slot game themed around football as it is something they enjoy. They recognise it as part of themselves.

That is very important to people and players. Which brings me back to my original question.


Is theming slots important? Yes, incredibly so.

A slots theming is so much more than just a coat of paint. It is a look into what you can expect from the slot game as well as a way to catch player’s eyes as they are scrolling through an online casino.

Most importantly though, it is a way to connect with players on an emotional level. It can tug at another part of their personality and that can endear them to your game. In other words, a slots theming might be the very thing that makes it a player’s favourite slot game.


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