Is the Devotion System Legit?

Updated on April 24, 2021

Getting genuine, quality advice on relationships is rare because most people give out their own bias opinions as helpful tips. It is therefore hard to discern which advice will work if followed. This doesn’t however mean that there are no reputable relationship experts who offer helpful tips. 

One such expert is Amy North, writer of “the devotion system”. It is a book that is designed to help women remain in a lasting love relationship. If you feel like you have been wasting your time in your relationship, the book claims to help overcome such feelings. In this article, we will discuss extensively the contents of the book, then we will consider if it is reliable and legit or not.

What Is the Devotion System?

This is the book written by the relationship guru, Amy North. It gives helpful information on how a woman can win a man’s heart over and how she can maintain the love for a long time. You may also want to click here to get similar advice on how to win a man’s heart. 

Who Is the Book Written For?

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This book was written for women that:

  • Are still single yet want to have foreknowledge on what relationships involve.
  • Faced problems in their past relationship.
  • Are facing problems in relationships and need a lasting solution.

How Is It Designed?

It is designed as an eBook that you can read on phones and laptops. Apart from the eBook, you also have access to video sessions discussing each chapter and training lessons. You could also get an interactive session in the form of a quiz. 

What Is in the Book?

This book is split into sections. Each section has different topics it discusses that will help a woman do the right thing. We will discuss each section and the lessons it conveys.

First Section

This section has a theme about letting that relationship go and starting your life afresh. It discusses the importance of self-love. It may be easy to say we love others, but what about ourselves? Do we know our worth?

Some people have a poor view of themselves. They believe that they need to suffer or have low self-esteem about themselves before they can grow. But this is not true, low self-esteem only begets a lack of self-respect and others may treat you the way you treat yourself.

Although some guys care only about looks, those who desire a strong, lasting relationship always want a woman who has self-love and respect for herself. She should also allow that to influence the way she reacts to others. You can create self-love through the wellness of the mind and heart. You may want to visit to see how.

Amy North wasted no further time by going straight to a helpful technique she called SPARK. When two people yearn for each other, a spark is created in their hearts. But Amy is talking about the acronym SPARK. According to her, if you have S.P.A.R.K, that man may just forever be yours.

S.P.A.R.K means:

  • Sassy and sexy
  • Positive and playful 
  • Admirable and attractive 
  • Real and radiant 
  • Kind and keen

With these qualities, a woman can maintain her relationship.

The next subheading discussed being beautiful. Many people equate good looks with one’s outfit. Of course, if you dress splendidly, you will look attractive. But many advertisers let people believe they need to spend so much to look attractive.

You can look beautiful without breaking the bank. Apart from how we dress, our minds can affect our appearance. If we are confident in ourselves, we will see ourselves glow. No matter how we look, when we smile often, show love to ourselves, and maintain a classy appearance always, then we will look attractive.

Second Section 

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This section starts with the heading: Men 101. It focuses solely on understanding a man; what they like, dislike, and want from a woman. The devotion system doesn’t dive too deep, neither does it discuss it lightly. 

One thing Amy pointed out is the need to have constant communication with each other. For a relationship to succeed, healthy communication is vital. Quickly sorting out issues with each other can go a long way in maintaining love during courtship.

Men also value respect. Therefore, if communication will be effective, you have to allow him to express himself too without disrespecting him.

Third Section

The third and final section has the theme: Love Stages. It is a very comprehensive section in this book. It discusses relationships from wooing stages to beginning stages, and then how to make a man remain in love. It also teaches what to do when on a date.

The subheading, Monogamy method, talks about how women can help their man see there is no one else special than they in his life. This will make him remain faithful to the core. Let your man feel secure around you. 

Then there is a phone etiquette subheading that discusses how to talk to your man while calling. There is also a sex guide that helps women know how to turn their man’s sexual drive on. There is an image that helps to drive home the point.

Is This Book Worth It?

There are many Devotion System reviews out there, and one thing remains the same about each of them – they all agree it is a worthy read. Women explain how it has helped their relationship grow stronger while their partners admit they saw differences in their woman’s behavior afterward. So if you are thinking of reading it soon, it may be worth the effort.

Advantages of the Devotion System

We have discussed what to expect from this book. Below are the possible advantages reading it will have in our life.

  • Its content is arranged and structured well.
  • It is very versatile.
  • Apart from men, it discusses how women can improve themselves.

Drawbacks of the Devotion System

Like everything in this world, the book also has its disadvantages. They include:

  • Certain subheadings in this book are known by women already.
  • You need to set out time to read through.
  • It is only available online or in eBook formats.

You can read this article to get a broader explanation of the good and bad sides of the book.


From all we discussed, you can tell for yourself if the devotion system is legit. Some people claim that reading the book had an obvious impact on their relationship. So you just may want to try it out. 


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